Important Elements of an Online Course Video 

With the growth in educational technology, online teaching platforms are growing at a much faster rate. To make an online course successful financially and generate high learning outcomes,  developing effective study material holds utmost significance. Among the different forms of study material, video content is the most impactful, understandable, and effective for students. Being a subject expert is a different thing, but for how to record quality educational videos, online educators need to follow the right skills and strategies. Let us discuss a set of elements that teachers must consider while developing video content for their online courses. 

Elements of  online course videos 

1. Professionalism 

This is one of the most important elements to consider for making videos for online courses. For asynchronous programs, videos are the study source for the students. To provide them with a real educational experience, and to portray sincerity and discipline, teachers need to look professional in the video. Other than searching for the best platform to sell online courses(learn how to sell online courses here), think about how to make videos more professional and polished. Teachers can follow the below-mentioned points. 

  • The right dress-up: to look professional, our appearance matters a lot. Don’t put up any piece of clothing that’s uncomfortable for you. Make sure to wear appropriate formal clothing. Look presentable. The way you dress impacts your confidence level too, so the right clothing is necessary. 
  • The right surrounding: an ideal workplace or surrounding environment is very important to shoot professional videos. Teachers should select a distraction-free place for video recordings. It should be calm and peaceful. Focus well on the background, lighting, and equipment. 

2. Effective audio quality 

Another element of online course videos that all educators must focus on is the audio quality. Along with the visual elements and appearance, audio is equally important.  If the audio is not clear, or students face understanding issues. A low audio sound or the high one, both affect the video quality. 

It leads to unnecessary interruptions and delays in students’ learning as they have to rewatch or re-listen to the videos again and again. To avoid this problem, make sure that the audio is clear and at the right volume.  To do so, invest in the right audio tools such as a headset, voice recorder, and microphone. No need to go for the expensive versions only. As per your budget, affordable products are also available in the market. 

3. Captures learner’s attention

An educational video is said to be successful when it captures students’ attention well. While creating videos for your online course, don’t forget to focus on this element. We all know that learners have short attention spans and also concentrating via computer or mobile screens is not an easy task. Among all this, if the video duration is too long, it becomes laborious and less engaging for students. This can give a tough time for students to gel up with video learning. Therefore, teachers should make videos of short duration only. Don’t share irrelevant portions. Stick to the point, and be as specific as possible. After recording makes sure you edit properly. This will help to make a precise final product. 

4. Promotes active learning

Other than researching for the platform to sell courses online (learn how to create an online course here), one needs to plan how to include active learning elements in the video. Listening to the instructor and watching the visual elements is not enough. An effective online course video should make students apply and use the knowledge gained. For example, after explaining a topic, a quiz or a quick test should be added to the video. This will help students to know how much they have understood and what more needs to be done as an improvement. This acts as instant feedback for students. 

5. Understandable

Another element to consider while for online course video is the understanding level. No matter how effective the visual and audio quality, if the content is not clear to students. Therefore, all teachers should make sure videos provide learners with a proper academic understanding. To do so, subject expertise is important. Revise well or have a look at the topic that you will be demonstrating in the video. 

Think about what doubts students can face and include explanations prior only. If you are using any new educational term, explain its meaning simultaneously. You can add links to your video which students can refer to for more details and learning. Adding subtitles is also advisable. Also, use simple and clear language. Don’t go for complex vocabulary and phrases. 


For making an online course successful, making educational videos are very important. By reading the above-mentioned information we can make out the important elements that must be considered and worked upon to create quality videos for online courses.

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