IB Math And What Can You Do To Perfect It

Mathematics sure has come a long way from Newton’s times. And if your goal is to master IB mathematics, you will already know how difficult your path will be.

Steps To Perfect Yourself In IB Maths

You could use the following options to better your skills in this subject.

Practicing Key Concepts

“Key concepts” – the words themselves need no introduction. They form the most basic requirement for any student aspiring to learn anything in the world, particularly in IB maths.

The Importance Of Question Banks

Unlike any other subject, mathematics is application-based entirely. Unless you can learn to apply a given concept, you will never know it.

Practice Exams

Solve a few practice tests through a self-imposed exam and determine how well you score. Repeat this process as many times as you like until you are satisfied with your result.

Rinse and repeat the above steps as many times as you can. Learning a key concept isn’t enough. You also need to apply those concepts and know how to do that. You need the help of as many question banks as you can get.

IB Mathematics Past Papers

Hence, trying to solve as many question papers as possible would be a lot of help to you in the future. Remember that you should probably not try to do this before you are confident in your studies. The opposite effect of boosting confidence due to scoring less in the papers would be anxiety and doubt, stunting your growth before it even began.

IB Maths Courses

Application and interpretation courses and analysis and approaches courses are the core of the syllabus of IB maths.

Application and Interpretation

The application and interpretation course is tailor-made for students that are more likely to look for real-world issues and solve them through math. This usually consists of arithmetic and geometric sequences, scientific notations, and their use in finance and 3d modeling. Like loan repayments, simple proofs and logarithms and errors and approximations, straight lines, 3D solids, right-angled and non-right angled trigonometry, sampling techniques, graphical representation of data, and many other fields. In essence, the applications and interpretation course touches on functions, trigonometry and calculus, statistics and probability, and geometry.

Analysis and Approaches

The analysis and approaches are similar to the IB math application and interpretation course. This is particularly suitable if you plan on taking on careers that require real-time maths applications and data analytics.


The process of perfecting IB maths isn’t easy. It takes time and a lot of patience to successfully learn all the concepts on the syllabus. But if done right, it can be an excellent tool for you. As such, joining the best training course, such as Revision Village would be ideal for your preparation. To learn more about IB Math and how we can help you out, contact us today.

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