Huntington Beach road accident: Hiring an attorney is important 

On-road accidents and mishaps are reported regularly in Huntington Beach. Because an accident can have a serious and immediate impact, people have a hard time processing the consequences. Following a car accident, your immediate step should be to seek medical care. It is best to err on the side of caution, and even if your injuries don’t seem that severe, you should call 911. Once you have informed the police and have received basic treatment for your injuries, you should consult a car accident lawyer Huntington Beach. If you are wondering whether you need to lawyer up, here’s an overview of the perks. 

Insurance companies can be evil

When you file a third-party claim, you would expect the claims adjuster to be at least empathetic to your condition. Unfortunately, that is unlikely to happen. Insurance companies see claims as losses and often do their best to deny and delay cases. Common insurance tactics include – 

Undermining your injuries

Contacting you right after the accident

Asking for a statement

Getting you to sign documents that give them access to your medical history

Pressuring you into accepting an offer

If you decide to file an auto accident claim and negotiate on your own, you may end up with a settlement that’s much lower than what you should get. An accident lawyer can talk to the insurance adjuster and keep the pressure off you. 

Lawyers can reduce your stress 

An accident lawyer is in charge of ensuring that the client gets a fair settlement. They will ensure that the claim is submitted without delay and will negotiate a settlement. Auto accident claims in CA don’t end up in court in most cases, but when that happens, the lawyer will represent the client and work on the legal strategy accordingly. 

Get a free consultation

If you are wondering whether you can afford to hire an accident lawyer, you should know that most law firms take up such cases without an upfront fee. The lawyer will charge a fixed share of the settlement, but only when you win. This is called a contingency arrangement. Also, you can expect to get a free consultation session with the attorney to discuss the case. Share all details with your lawyer, including all you can remember. If you are partly to blame for the said accident, you should let the lawyer know in advance. 

Call an attorney for consultation soon. You have to file your lawsuit within two years of the car accident. 

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