How to Use Instagram Reels to Get More Followers

Today Instagram has become one of the popular platforms to gel with friends and follow your favorites ranging from sportsmen, politicians to celebrities. Instagram is a platform that is also used to boost followers to convert them into potential customers. Instagram comes with multiple features that entertain people; one of the features is Instagram Reels. You must have also heard of the term. To compete with another popular platform named TikTok, Instagram has also launched this feature of reels. It’s been a year since Instagram has introduced the Reel option. 

There is no doubt that video content has a significant impact on the audience quickly.

The Instagram Reel is a new way to discover and create a short-form video on the platform. Instagram has ensured that no one can guess the statistics, but many experts have unveiled the secret. Here you will explore the facts and figures about the Instagram Reels. Without any delay, let’s start exploring the attributes of Instagram Reels so that you can use them properly to get more followers. 

What Are Instagram Reels? 

Instagram Reels is a video feature that allows the creator to create entertaining short videos. To be more accurate, people have to record short video clips and add them from the reel tab to make a reel. The clip’s timing can vary from 15 to 30 seconds, and you can also add music, audio clips, dialogue, or any other fun elements. You can also use an Insta Video Editor that can help you make unique video content with different features. 

Advantage of Instagram Reels 

Today social media is one of the most popular means to connect with people. The term Influencer received its meaning from social media, and companies are using social media to boost brand awareness. Hence, the content released on social media must be engaging and exciting. As everyone knows, video content has a different engagement level than regular posts. It can assist you in grabbing the attention of the target audience. You can also buy Instagram views for reels which will help you to gain more followers and increase your brand reputation. You can use Instagram Reels to make short and interesting videos that don’t expire after 24 hours. It’s possible for individuals who aren’t following you to see your short videos on Instagram’s Explore section. If you have made your account public, this functionality will work.

Additionally, people can remake an old video into a Reel. Instagram Reel lets you increase followers, which makes you famous. To understand the popularity of Instagram Reels, let’s look at the statistics. 

  • Brazil is one of the most popular markets for Instagram. After the launch of Instagram in November 2019, a 1% increase in users has been noticed every year. 
  • After Brazil, the Reels feature was launched in India in July 2020, and it was seen that number of Instagram downloads increased. Around 7 million downloads happened just 30 days before the launch of the Reels feature. In India, Instagram app downloads surged by 11.4 percent after the debut of reels (from 7 million to 7.8 million)
  • After the Reels launch, around 3.5% of people started spending more time on Instagram, especially in India. 
  • With the help of Instagram Reels, Red Bulls in France got more than 2.4m views. 

You can also increase your followers with the help of an Instagram Reel. Here are the tips that will help you Reel it right. 

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Tips to Use Instagram Reels to Get More Followers 

  • Showcasing the products or services

Reels are a great way to exhibit products. A valuable offer or further information about a product or service is the next stage in the sales process. You may use Reels to collect more data and retarget more individuals when advertising a new product on Instagram, which can cut your ad expenses dramatically.

  • Educational Content 

Use the Instagram Reel to share some educational content. Create a short DIY video, share the tips, or you can also make how-to videos. These kinds of posts attract audiences as people love to watch videos that provide educational information.

  • Repurposing longer videos

You can use existing videos from YouTube and TikTok and upload them on Instagram. It’s a no-brainer to repurpose your TikTok material for Instagram Reels since the video dimensions are the same and the music is likely to be the same (or you can make your own).

  • Creating different challenges

Instagram algorithm prefers content that is engaging and interesting. This engaging content can include challenges, trends. Choose the topics of trends and challenges that your audience can also participate in actively. 

  • Team up with influencers 

Influencers have a good number of audiences; collaboration with the influencers can help you attract new followers who are following the influencers. With the help of the influencer, you can reach bigger audiences during the launch of the product and services.

  • Shares the sneak peek and bloopers from behind the scenes.

Try to sell authentic content. People love to see inside stories. To make a genuine relationship with your audience, share the sneak peeks and bloopers of the videos you have made or are going to make. Share how your typical days look like; How you plan to make your following videos. Bloopers can also be an excellent type of content to share with your audience, and it will certainly entertain them. Sharing the sneak peek not only engages the audience; it gives them a clear idea that you are trying to involve your audience in your life and brand. 

Wrap up

Social media has become a robust online platform that comes with great power. Considering the energy, people have chosen social media either for brand awareness or to become a brand itself. Instagram is one social media that is becoming popular for its feature. Instagram Reels has a different fan base that can increase your lead. Here, you explored some tips that will help you use the Instagram reel and increase more followers.

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