How to Track Employee Facebook Usage During Work Hours?

Out of all the social media websites across the world, Facebook has its dominance. We have all been there; when we took a break from work to have a quick look at Facebook and ended up watching countless funny videos. This quick Facebook break can distract you and make you waste so many precious minutes from work hours. You can be busy reading or watching useless or advertising content on Facebook that you won’t notice time flying by. Businesses, small or big, take advantage of reaching millions of users in a single click.

Managers can send gestural signals to the employees who have wandered off into the Facebook world for a long time. But this is not what managers are hired to do; they are not babysitters. Instead, it will be better if companies set some rules to the usage of Facebook to restrain its over-use. For example, companies may spy on Facebook, using some spying apps on the company-owned devices.

A survey conducted by shows, 41 percent of respondents visited Facebook during working hours. Monitoring employees can be difficult, but we will guide you in some easy steps to track and minimize Facebook use in the office by utilizing android spy apps.

How Does Facebook Impact Work?

We will agree that employees can waste a sufficient amount of time while surfing Facebook. But what are the potential dangers? Let’s discuss them briefly.

  1. Time Wasting:

Apart from your marketing team working on social media marketing, any other employee using Facebook can be just spoiling their time. Time is priceless, and organizations hire their employees to get the most out of them. But, unfortunately, browsing through Facebook will eat away their precious time.

In the idle time, which is break hour, employees can use Facebook. Famous hidden Android spy apps that work remotely can be used to measure the time spent in web browsing and Facebook browsing.

  1. Low Productivity:

Spending time on Facebook can be the cause of distraction from work resulting in lower rates of productivity. After using Facebook, when employees return, they find it hard to focus back on their work, and it takes a longer time to continue the previous task. As a result, the work efficiency of an employee decreases due to small Facebook breaks, and the work can take double the time to complete.

  1. Low Profit:

Company and employee productivity are directly proportional. When employee productivity goes down, companies also face a decrease in revenue.  An employee will miss the deadlines if they are not achieving their target due to incomplete tasks.

  1. Substandard Scheduling:

Companies often face a mismatch between the idle and real-time results of business plans. One of the reasons is that companies build their agendas on the amount of work produced by their employees. With low turnovers of employee time, company goals are highly affected.

  1. Struggle To Calculate Working Hours:

Companies that hire their employees working on hourly wages face the issue of calculating pure working hours when their employees are busy watching cat videos on Facebook feeds.

Why Use a Monitoring System?

The balance between employee privacy and employee monitoring is the most important factor in the flourishing of any company. While there are multiple options to track your employee’s activities during working hours, you need to choose one which suits your organization the most. Meaning it should be employee-friendly and tailor-made for your company.

What Are Ways To Monitor Facebook Usage:

A company can take many steps to monitor and calculate the time spent on Facebook by the employee during working hours. It can be divided into four general classes;

  1. Mobile app monitoring
  2. Desktop monitoring
  3. Cam surveillance
  4. Email Monitoring

Let us take you through them one by one.

Desktop Monitoring Apps:

Some companies ban the use of social media apps completely as a part of their micromanagement. It has a gloomy impact on employees. Using a Facebook tracker instead enables your employees to use Facebook and other social websites during their break time. This step can lift their mood.

One of the very good desktop monitoring apps to spy on Facebook is Time Doctor.

How They Work:

Most of the apps downloaded and installed in the work desktops work quietly in the background.

  1. Pop-Ups:

By avoiding an extreme approach by blocking websites completely, desktop monitoring apps ease the experiences of employees. Like, A pop-up appears when an employee accesses Facebook during a task, reminding them to get back to work.

  1. Inactivity Monitor:

Desktop facebook tracker effectively monitors the inactivity and pauses the work if it senses the inactivity for more than a certain time defined by the app.

  1. Employee Empowerment:

Desktop spy on Facebook can be paused during breaks by the employee. It enables the employee to enjoy their leisure time while browsing through Facebook without worrying about being tracked.

  1. Transparency:

All employees are monitored in the same way, and hence their work tracking and efficiency are clear.

  1. Morale Enhancer:

Allowing the use of Facebook at break time increases employees’ morale as they don’t feel they are being restrained or punished even during their breaks.

Mobile App Monitoring:

There are various hidden spy apps for android devices that can be used to monitor Facebook usage by an employee. But The Wi Spy is better than most of them. These apps run in complete stealth mode and keep the record of activities done by the user on that device. Companies install these apps on the company-owned mobiles to track Facebook usage and spy on Facebook messenger.

Following are the major benefits of the Facebook tracker;

  1. Track Facebook Messenger:

You can check real-time messages and chats sent and received on Facebook messenger. Even the deleted chats can be viewed from the dashboard, meaning you can spy Facebook messenger and get the information.

  1. Read Posts And Messages:

You can access the posts made by the user on their feeds and what replies they are receiving on those posts.

  1. Access To Multimedia:

An employer can view any multimedia sent or received by the user on Facebook messenger.

  1. Usage Report:

The company can access and view a detailed report of Facebook usage. For example, how much time is spent by the user with date and time stamps?

  1. Remote Availability:

You can access the records remotely at any time available at the web-based dashboard.

Cam Surveillance:

Video surveillance is known as CCTV footage recorded by the company. They are generally used for the security and monitoring attendance of employees in the organization. However, cam surveillance can check the screens employees are watching, like their mobile, tablet or desktops.

Email Monitoring:

In the American Management Association report, 43 percent of employers monitor the emails of their employees. Companies want to ensure that their private files are not shared elsewhere. The language and communication are also monitored via email monitoring systems. Cyber security-related issues are also monitored.

Ending Notes:

Facebook Monitoring cannot be left unattended in companies who want their organization and employees to bloom positively. Time management is directly linked with productivity. It can be very problematic and can create havoc in the system if not dealt carefully. Companies need smart applications of those tools and tricks that are beneficial to them instead of applying them all.

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