How to save money to make your dreams come true

Everyone has dreams. Maybe a new laptop, having dinner in an expensive restaurant, buying a bigger house or going to vacation somewhere special. There are lots of options and doing them; sometimes, depends on only one thing: getting on a budget.

Having financial sustainability to realize these dreams can be easier than anyone thinks: some adjustments here and there and following some simple tips can be wonderful for your budget and to get what you want faster than you can imagine.

So, if you need to save money to do what you want to do, here are some practical ways to start organizing your financial life.

Pay your debts

You can’t save money if you already owe money to someone. Then, the first thing to do if you want to save money is to spend money paying any debts that you have with financial institutions, commerce, even friends and family.

Remember that, while the time passes, this can generate fees, making these debts even higher. So, get rid of it as fast as you can.

Make a budget worksheet

Having a worksheet where you can write down and visualize what you earn and what you spend can be really useful to stop wasting money: it will help you to see where you’re spending more than necessary, what costs you could relocate and what costs you can cut off of your life.

Make a worksheet in your laptop or just write down in a diary: do what is easier for you. Just remember to keep it updated!

Cancel automatic subscriptions and memberships

While you write down your spendings, you will probably realize that you have some membership and streaming services subscriptions. Cancel every subscription that you have and that it isn’t useful anymore.

If you still need it, try to reach your friends and see if they would like to share the payment: in this way, you will pay half of what you are paying now.

Pack lunch and take your coffee from home 

We know that sometimes it is hard to resist that fried chicken recipe or that enormous coffee from your favorite coffee shop; but, everytime you eat at a restaurant or buy a coffee, you will spend money that could be saved.

So, why not pack your lunch to take to work, bring your coffee in a thermal cup and save the lunch or dinner out for special days?

Ask about discounts

There’s no better way to save money than pay less for what you buy. Always ask about discounts when you buy tickets for movies, shows, clothes and books or any other thing you want to buy.

The same goes for coupons and cashapps: they are our best friend when we need to save money since they allow us to pay less for things.

If you never ask, you will never know: that’s the motto. 


You can save a lot of money doing things by yourself. So, before buying something, ask yourself if you could do it in your house. For example, sometimes, buying a new shirt for an outfit isn’t necessary: you can dye a shirt that you already have at home. 

Always look around and see what you can do by yourself before going to the shop to buy anything.

Search prices

Google it, look at Amazon or even in your local thrift shop: if you need something, but also need to save money, do your research and find out who is charging less for it.

It can take some time, but doing your research can be the difference between saving money and spending more than it’s really necessary.

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