How to Purchase Good Motorcycle Gear

Sometimes, motorcycle gear is ill-famed as uncool and awkward. It’s true that motorcycle clothing doesn’t care for fashion trends. That doesn’t mean that it can´t be cool, though. In fact, there is plenty of motorcycle gear out there that offers you protection and looks great – protecting yourself will never be uncool.

Riding a motorcycle without designated safety gear on isn´t a good idea. It’s important to keep the risk of injury down to a realistic minimum while riding. That’s why a motorcycle helmet, a good pair of motorcycle gloves and sturdy boots should be your safety key pieces.

Motorcycle Gear Must-Haves

No matter how carefully you ride: The risk of having an accident is higher on a motorbike than it is in a car. That’s because other road users are more likely to oversee you. And there´s another fact you should be aware of: Motorcycle accidents usually lead to more severe injuries than car accidents do. Why? The risk of injury is higher because there is no crumple zone around you and also because there is no seat belt.

It’s obvious that you should take advantage of all the protective gear you can get. Even though it’s better to ride in full gear, there are some key pieces that you definitely should not ride without.

Motorcycle Gloves

No matter how harmless a motorcycle accident may be: The motorcyclist´s hands are usually always injured afterwards. That’s because they´re very likely to hit the asphalt or a potential obstacle. That leads to high numbers of abrasions, contusions, complex fractures and even amputations of fingers or entire hands.

Lasting damages on your hands will most certainly limit your quality of life. We use our hands thousands of times a day – limited mobility makes life so much harder. That’s why it’s crucial to protect your hands. Gloves from are of high quality, look good and come at a reasonable price.

If you´ve been going without designated motorcycle gloves, you´ll notice that they can also improve your riding experience. That’s because they provide for more grip between the handlebar and your hands. Gloves also protect you from the cold airflow.

Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle helmets can be expensive, but they can also save lives. Instead of looking for a low-budget helmet, you should make sure to buy high quality. Also, make sure to try some helmets on before making your purchasing decision:  A helmet can only protect your skull, if it fits you well. If it´s too lose, it may come off if you get into a crash. If it’s too tight, it may lower your concentration by giving you a headache.

Finding the perfect motorcycle helmet is easy once you know what to pay attention to. Make sure to find out what kind of shape your head is, what its circumference is and try the helmets on for at least 30 minutes in order to find out if it really fits. Once they have children, many people quit riding and go to prenatal classes instead – quitting isn´t necessary as long as you stay on the safe side.

Motorcycle Clothing

Motorcycle clothing can be cool. That’s because nowadays, there are brands on the market that combine functionality with good looks. Your motorcycle gear should offer you protection in all the right places – particularly around your lower limbs.

Motorcycle clothes of high quality come with integrated protectors and have a good fit to it. A good fit is important for your riding experience. Most regular clothes aren’t set up to be comfortable in the inclined position that you have on the motorcycle. It’s smart to purchase waterproof motorcycle jackets and pants even if you don’t like riding in bad weather conditions. It’s always possible to get into the rain, and you´ll want to stay dry if you do. The same criteria go for motorcycle boots, of course, as normal shoes cannot protect your feet and ankles in case of a crash.

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