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Screen printing is a quick and easy way to add writing or a design to any type of garment, such as a shirt or T-shirt. Screen printing is a very popular method of printing in the garment and textile industries. Prints R Us Print Shop will shows that the t-shirt is the most popular and widely used garment. However, you can also print other items. Any shirt can be personalized with your logo, team name, number, and other details.

Affordable customization

T-shirts and shirts are the most popular printing material because they are easy to print on and affordable. Print a few t-shirts for giveaways at conferences and shows, or to use as casual uniforms for employees. You can easily customize the design, and most printers will work with you for a reasonable price. There are many choices when it comes to printing shirts for business or personal reasons.

Screen printing

Screen-printed shirts can have a personal design or a selection of designs from the many options available printed with special inks. This is a type of stencil printing, Prints R Us Print Shop as the silk mesh is stretched over the metal or wooden frame. The mesh used will depend on how intricate the design is. A steel or plastic wire gauze may be used for special purposes.

The designer will apply the image to the screen, then use a water-soluble gum to close any pores. After washing away any paint, a solvent such as turpentine is used to clean the screen. Next, the ink is applied using a rubber squeegee. The ink soaks into the screen and prints onto it. Commonly, T-shirts are made of cotton, but they also work well on metal, wood, rubber, paper and other textiles.

Searching for a printing company

There are many options available and that can be a positive thing. You will have the ability to compare prices and services before making a decision. You should look for businesses with experience. Also, make sure they can handle the numbers you require. Some businesses will only take bulk orders while others have a limit on the number of items they can produce. Screen printing is not the only printing option. There are many printing options available.


Silkscreen printing is an excellent way to get printed designs on many materials. However, if you’re looking for shirts that have very fine details and need to be precise, you may want to consider a different printing process. Screen printing is not ideal for finer details and clear graduations.

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