How to Develop a Step-By-Step Questionnaire Survey by SurveyKing

The development of a Questionnaire must follow certain rules. They are broken down into steps. Respecting them makes it possible to have a sufficiently high number of responses to be able to process and analyze the results.

To computerize the construction, dissemination, and analysis of results, it is recommended to use online survey software. Simple, effective, and without the need for training, you are guided at each step. The risk of error when entering results disappears.

1) Define the Objective of the Survey

Before launching headlong into the construction of the survey, it is recommended to define what you want to know and the information you want to obtain. The structure of your study will depend on this analysis.

2) Structure of the Survey

There are several ways to build a study. In this article, we will study the funnel structure and the hourglass structure:

1) Funnel Structure

A funnel structure consists of asking general questions at the beginning of the survey and then gradually asking respondents to fill in more specific information. This method has the advantage of not getting to the heart of the matter too quickly and of relaxing the respondents. The answers will thus be more sincere and will better reflect reality.

2) Hourglass Structure

The hourglass structure takes up, in the beginning, the same architecture as the funnel method to end with general questions.

3) Develop a Questionnaire

When developing a survey, it is recommended to propose a presentation text to introduce the subject and the duration of participation. It is also preferable to specify whether the participation is anonymous or not. The introductory text reduces the dropout rate.

In addition, with the GDPR and the right to erasure, it is necessary to provide the contact details of the person in charge of processing the results. Respondents may, if they wish, request access to their data, their rectification, or their deletion.

4) Methods of Administration

Identify the typology of individuals you want to interview and focus on them. To exclude people not concerned by your survey, propose a question at the beginning of your study which makes it possible to know if the person is concerned or not.

There are several modes of administration (face to face, post, telephone). We will talk in this article about the self-administered survey via an online solution. The use of online software makes it possible to widely distribute your survey by email, on forums, social networks, and blog comments, by QR Code, or by integrating it directly on a website. This allows for a large enough number of responses to correctly process the results.

5) Questionnaire Test

It is strongly recommended that you test your survey with a small group of respondents before disseminating it more widely. You will thus be able to improve the structure of your survey, the scheduling, and the clarity of the questions asked. Once the study has been released, it is often complicated to propose a new version. The involvement, in this case, is often less strong.

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