How to create a personal playlist on youtube with videos

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You can do a lot of different things on YouTube, especially if you have a channel. In this article, I want to show you how to create a playlist for your channel. That’s right, you can group some of these videos into playlists for your viewers. As YouTube tells me in their training, this helps you get more views. We all want more views and we want to make it easier for our viewers to get all the entertainment/educational content they want. Enough said-let’s get this YouTube lesson started.

How to create a playlist for your YouTube channel

Step 1: Go to YouTube and sign in to your account.

Step 2. After logging in, look in the upper right corner and click on your profile

Make sure you are on the channel where you want to create the video playlist. If not, click Change Account on this menu. Here you’ll see all the channels you’re managing. Select the one you want to work with. At LowcostSmm – you can quickly update your YouTube channel with cheap subscribers, likes and views.

Step 3: Go back to the top right corner and click on your profile picture again

From the menu, select YouTube Studio.

Step 4: On the channel control panel, look in the left-hand menu

From there, find the third option Playlists. Click on it.

Step 5: Here we can create a playlist in addition to viewing the lists you’ve already created

If you’re reading this article, you probably don’t have one. Look in the upper right corner of the screen and click New Playlist.

Step 6: A window will open where you can enter some information.

First, enter the Playlist Name in the top box. After that, you will need to set the Visibility section. Do this by clicking on the down arrow to the right of this box. You now have 3 choices:


Choose the one you want to use. For this article, we’ll choose Publicly Available, since we want all viewers to see it. When you’re ready, click the Create button in the lower right corner.

Step 7. You will now see your playlist on the Channel Playlists screen

The next step is to hover your mouse pointer over the right side of the playlist image. Now click the pencil Change.

Step 8: Here we can make some changes to run this playlist:

Edit the title of your playlist (click the edit pencil to the right of the title). Add a description by clicking the edit pencil to the right of this section. Share this playlist by clicking the share arrow (you probably don’t need to do this until we’re done) See the 3 dots? Click on them and go to the next step

Step 9: After clicking on these 3 dots you will see this menu with 4 items to choose from:

Add VideoActivatePlaylist Settings Delete Playlist

In this article we are going to look at the playlist settings and Add Video. Let’s start with the playlist settings. Click on it.

Step 10: There are two things you can do in the Playlist Settings:

  • Allow embedding (this is what I always use) Add a new video to the top of the playlist (every time you add something new, it ends up at the top)
  • This is what these settings allow you to do. Now it’s time to click Add Video, because a playlist is nothing without a video.

Step 11: In the Add Video option on the playlist screen. you are given 3 options:

Search Video (to search all over YouTube for videos you want to add to the list). Yes, you can add videos from other channels URL (insert the video URL and it will appear). Your YouTube videos (all the videos that are on your channel)

Whatever you use, the next step is easy. If you see a video when you search, select it and then click the blue Add Video button in the bottom left corner (you can select more than one video at a time). Do this for all the videos you want and they will be added to your Playlist. You have created a YouTube channel playlist that you can share with everyone.

What is a playlist, and why do we need one on YouTube?

The term “playlist” comes from the English word combination “play list”, which translates to “playlist”. On YouTube, playlists are a series of videos united by a common theme and gathered together. They are located on the main page of the YouTube channel as well as in the “Playlists” tab, and serve as a means of dividing videos into sections.

Why is this necessary? Why do stores divide products by departments, and articles on different topics are printed in newspapers and magazines in certain thematic sections? At home you do not stack all the products in the refrigerator, do not throw different tools, bolts and nuts in a box in bulk. Such a division and sorting is very convenient, and is used everywhere to make it easier to find the things you need, or, in this case, the information you need.

Keep in mind that the popularity of your Youtube channel will depend not only on the quality and usefulness of the videos you put up, but also on how convenient it is to use the information you provide. If you promote your business, people come to you with a specific purpose – to find information about your products or services, or the conditions of their purchase. If they do not see the thematic sections, they are unlikely to dig through the mass of ads to find what they are looking for. And you could lose a potential customer just because you did not care to add playlists in time.

Youtube users will find it much easier to understand if you make it easy to find and your homepage will have, for example, headings like this:

  • Separate reviews for each product category or service area;
  • Tips on how to choose or use it;
  • Information on payment methods, delivery, ordering conditions and loyalty programs;
  • Video testimonials from customers.

This is a rough list, as the composition of playlists will depend on the theme and focus of your channel on Youtube.

YouTube Music’s smart algorithm will help users create author’s playlists

Creators of YouTube Music service announced several innovations. One of the most interesting updates will be an opportunity to create your own playlists based on smart algorithms.

It will work like this: when creating a playlist, the system will offer a user the tracks that will be similar to the ones that were already added to the playlist earlier “manually”. In other words, the service will be able to suggest music for making playlists.

If the selection selected by the artificial intelligence does not like it, the user will be able either to update the selection, or to refuse the proposed options, continuing to compile a list of songs themselves. All this is invented in order to make the work with YouTube Music easier.

It should also be noted that everyone will be able to put ready-made playlists in the public domain. Other people’s open selections will be displayed in a special section.

As for the algorithms, which simply recommend music according to users’ individual preferences, they are also being improved. For example, YouTube Music recently updated the system for recommending new releases.

Playlist on YouTube is a very good tool to create easy navigation for the viewer, with the playlist can be grouped by topic, it follows that a person will find the right video for him faster.

Another one of the many ways to use playlists, is to divide all the videos on your channel by topic into different playlists, then display these playlists on the main channel page. If you’re filming on a variety of topics, then this tool is a must.

What are playlists for in particular?

Playlists are designed to make it easy to find the information you need on the channels. Just imagine, you have a folder with photos, there are thousands of different photos, and you only need to find one, let’s say from a holiday past few years ago. I think you’ll have a hard time… And now imagine that all the photos are divided into several folders with a thematic name (where, when they were taken), you will find the photo you want much faster. The same situation is with YouTube, if you need to find any video, particularly on any channel, you’ll spend a lot of time if the channel has no playlists, and perhaps even leave the channel. It turns out that without playlists:

  • Users will be uncomfortable.
  • Promotion will occur many times slower
  • Navigation on the channel will not be comfortable

But how do you properly make and use playlists?

Methods to create a playlist today, unfortunately, only two.

Method 1. Go to the channel’s home page, click on “Playlists,” and then click on “New Playlist.” Come up with a name for the playlist, who it will be available to. That’s it, the playlist is ready, nothing complicated. All that’s left is to save it by clicking on the “Save” button.

Method 2. You need to go to the creative studio, then go to the “Video Manager”. Click on the “Playlists” tab, then click on “Create Playlist” on the right. Then the actions are repeated as in the first method.

We advise you to create playlists and add your videos to them before they become countless, because if you already have a lot of videos, you’ll need the same countless amount of time.

Well, we’ve created a playlist, but how do we add videos to it?

Here you can choose the method you like, there are 4 methods.

Method 1. One of the fastest methods is to add a video to the playlist when it’s uploaded. There is an additional window to the right of the description for setting up a video and there is an “Add to Playlist” button. Clicking on this will bring up all of your playlists, and you can select multiple playlists at once.

Method 2. If you want to add a video you’ve already uploaded, go to “Video Manager. There are boxes to the left of the video and by clicking on them you can select multiple videos to add to your playlist. Once you have selected all the videos you want, click “Add to” from above, a small window will open and you can select the desired playlists to add to them, or the selected clip.

Method 3. You can also add videos directly from a playlist. Open the playlist you want and click “Add Video”. Also, this page displays the number of videos and the number of views for that playlist.

Then you can choose how you want to add the video among the ways to add it:

  • Adding via a keyword search;
  • Adding by link;
  • Adding your videos.

Method 4. And of course, if you’re a real thief (or you just liked someone else’s video) you can save the video to a playlist without taking a break from watching someone else’s video. There’s a “Save” button under the video, clicking on it will allow you to choose the playlist you want, and the video will be added there.

How do I adjust, change, delete a playlist?

You can optimize your playlist for keywords, that way it will be easier for users to find it. Once you’ve created a playlist, the playlist settings menu will open. You can change its name by clicking on the “pencil”.

To add a description, click on “Add Description”, here you should briefly (up to 1000 characters) describe what the videos in your playlist have in common. To delete a playlist, you need to click on the three dots, you can also change the language there

To change the settings, you need to click on “Playlist Settings”. Now we’ll break this down in more detail. To the left of the settings, there is a “Send” button, with which you can share the playlist.

Now let’s take a closer look at the settings.

The main settings

Here we can choose to whom the playlist will be shown:

  • Open access – the playlist is visible to all YouTube viewers;
  • Link access – the playlist will only be seen by someone who has a link;
  • Limited access – the playlist is only available to you.

Also, in this section you can sort videos by date, popularity or manually. We advise you to make the new clips are displayed on top of the others.

Types of Playlists on YouTube What are these even

Il have different types of playlists on YouTube that allow you to sort the videos so you can watch them without having to click the function to go to the next content. In other words, its playback is automatic.

Here are all types of playlists on YouTube:

From your account.

Whenever you record a video in Favorites or in Who to watch later , you sort the content to read according to the criteria you set. You can also build a collection of videos and share them by giving them the name you want.

From your channel

Unlike the previous type of list on your channel, you can sort your videos so that visitors can find content in the order you gave them .

Creating a YouTube Channel Structure

If you don’t have this approach, why would you waste your time on this? Think about it.

To make a good channel, we’ll need to upload new material to it regularly. Just piling it up won’t be right. Therefore, the first thing we need to build a structure (to divide our topics into headings), on which we will create playlists and make videos in the future.

I use service to create the structure and work plan. You can use it to create and store mind maps, which are incredibly helpful when working on content projects like your YouTube channel.

I will show you a part of such a map for example.

Here I scatter ideas for future rubrics (playlists) and structure a plan for creating videos. There are basic headings and subheadings. On YouTube, you can then create a playlist with the main rubric and add to it playlists with subheadings.

I know that a big problem for many bloggers is finding new ideas for making videos and writing articles. With a card like this, I personally have that problem gone away.

Don’t forget about search engine optimization! Playlists, like videos, often show up in searches for certain queries. Use search phrases (keywords) in their titles. The easiest way to select them – a logical thought, as they will search for your target audience, and a special service Yandex –

Then, once the structure is ready, you can start creating playlists.

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