How to change the WiFi password at home?

Ask everybody, how do you change the wifi password of your home?

Recently, I found that the wifi at home is very stuck. I suspected that it was rubbed by someone else, so I want to change the wifi password, but I don’t know how to operate it.The following is a detailed introduction to the method of using a computer to modify the wifi password. If you don’t have a computer at home, you can use your mobile phone to change the wifi password.

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For detailed steps, please read the tutorial:

First, check the login address. The login address of the router is also called the management page address, setting URL, etc. It is a web address (IP address) that needs to be entered in the browser. Different wireless routers have different login addresses. So every novice, please figure out the login address of your router first!

Students who don’t know the login address, please hold your router in your hand and you can see it on the sticker on the bottom of the router.

View router login address Tips:

① The parameters behind the management page, login address, router IP, router address and other options in the label are the router’s login address.

②. The login address of the router may be a URL, such as,, etc.; it may also be an IP address, such as,, etc.

Login settings interface

1. First of all, please make sure that your computer has been connected to the LAN interface of the router with a network cable. If it is a laptop, just connect to the wifi signal of the router, and there is no need to connect to the LAN port with a network cable.

2. Then enter in the browser: the login address of the router, open the login interface-enter the administrator password (login password), you can enter the router’s setting interface.

Log in to the router’s setting interface hint:

①. The router used to demonstrate is a Huawei Honor router, its login address is: When you are operating by yourself, please enter the login address of your own router, and do not copy the information in the above picture.

②. After entering the login address of your own router, the login interface of the router cannot be opened . Students who encounter this problem, don’t panic, please read the following tutorial first to see the solution to this problem.

What should I do if the router setting page cannot be opened?

③. If you successfully open the login interface, but forget the administrator password (login password), you cannot log in to the setting interface. In this case, I regret to tell you that you cannot change the wifi password now.

At this time, you can only restore your router to the factory settings first, then reset the Internet, reset the wifi name and password. For specific steps, you can refer to the following tutorial:

How to restore the factory settings of the wireless router? How to reset the router after restoring the factory settings? Third, modify the wifi password

After successfully logging in to the router’s setting page, find and open the option of wireless setting or Wi-Fi setting , and then you can modify the wifi password.

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Modify wifi password important hint:

① Wi-Fi password, it is recommended to use the combination of uppercase letters + lowercase letters + numbers + symbols to set, and the password length should be greater than 8 digits.

②. The wireless name is recommended to be set with letters, numbers or a combination of letters and numbers. Do not use foreign characters to set up, because some mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other

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