How Massage Guns Help Relieve Back Pain?

The massive number of people who suffer from back pain makes it easy to see why it is the most frequent reason individuals seek out acupuncture therapy services. In addition, a recent survey showed that over 80% have chronic or acute cases, making them likely candidates for relief with proper treatments.

The acupuncture practice has been around for nearly 3,000 years and was developed in China. It involves applying pressure to various points across one’s body which some scientists believe helps improve the flow of vital energy called Qi. Some believe that it connects all organs within your human system as well as an emotional balance between your life.

Have you ever suffered from chronic pain that just won’t go away? If so, then research by scientists has verified acupressure with hands or a hammer massage gun is a viable treatment. Acupuncture releases endorphins and muscle tension-reducing properties in our bodies which are natural relief mechanisms of sorts.

Trigger Point Therapy From Massage Guns

Massage therapy is an ideal technique to relieve pain and relax without having to move around too much. Therapists use their hands, guns, or other instruments on different areas with deep tissue techniques that help promote blood circulation and reduce tension. It is also really beneficial for those suffering from arthritis or back problems. It helps them feel relief by getting a professional massage at home.

Still, it is not for everyone. And it’s important to find the right spot for your back problem or pain in general. There are more than 400 acupressure points spread across arms, legs, and more, but we won’t discuss them all here – instead, five stand out as being crucial when it comes down to any type of lower-back issue you may have.

●    Stomach Point

Your stomach point is about two fingers from the base of your belly button.

Traditional Chinese medicine describes the Stomach Point as The Sea of Energy. If you apply Firm pressure at this point – it can fortify abdominal muscles, and may also help eliminate lower back problems before they occur and make you more comfortable with less stress on your body as time goes by.

●    Lower Back Point

The lower back point is often a difficult area to reach because it’s present two or three vertebrae sections down from the base of your spine. Those with weak ankles may find themselves giving out before they get there, but if you have sturdy feet, then this shouldn’t pose any problems for you.

The lower back point is a crucial spot that provides relief from pain in your Lower Back and sciatica – that is why it’s known as The Sea of Vitality. You can get quick results by applying pressure with either hands or a hammer massage gun to this area of the body.

●    Hip Bone Point

The spine is the prime bone in your body, and it has a Hipbone Point just below where you’ll find this large bony area.

Place your fingers on the Womb points and apply gentle pressure for relief from hip pain, lower back problems, or sciatica. It’s also helpful in relieving pelvic stress.

●    Knee Point

These points are located at the back center of your knee and work to unblock energy.

Apply firm pressure on the Commanding Middle or knee back points to help reduce stiffness in your back and knee and also relieve pain, among other things.

●    Hand Point

Lie on your back and apply pressure with the tips of both hands to exactly where they meet. Then, apply firm friction for 30 seconds every day until it completely heals; this will help keep any scab away.

The Hand Point is a remarkable technique for reducing back pain. The pointed finger on your hand can help you feel better fast by applying firm pressure here and causing acupuncture-like effects in the spine, which would otherwise cause horrible discomfort to those who suffer from it.

Final Takeaway

The hammer massage gun is an easy and effective way to provide pain relief for yourself or someone else. It can be used at home, in your office- even on the go. The portable device applies non-invasive acupressure treatments by delivering firm pressure where needed with just two fingers; it’s perfect if you don’t want any needles coming into contact with sensitive skin areas like around the eyes, nose, etc.

Though it may look like a great idea to try out these self-acupuncture techniques, it still has it’s downfalls. Be advised, please do not go near any of the points if you have chronic back pain or are suffering from weak spines. Instead, consult an expert first who can give specialist advice on how to approach this technique in a way that is best for your condition.

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