How does a high school Title IX lawyer protects students?

Unfortunate life experiences during school times like sexual misconduct, harassment, etc., can profoundly affect a student for life. Even false sexual allegations or discrimination based on sex are so common. However, some high schools still do not provide an impartial hearing for their students when racial and sexual discrimination occurs. Today, most high schools have strict guidelines against such discrimination, but in such a case, it is best to contact a high school Title IX lawyer who helps you with such cases with fair justice served to you. This article will depict how a high school Title IX lawyer protects students.

An expert in Title IX law can assess a school’s process to determine whether it is fair or failing to provide adequate defense rights. A lawyer can identify possible bias on the part of the investigator or hearing officer and help ensure that you are treated fairly and with due process at the hearing. When defects are not corrected, they are noted in the records and can later be appealed. If the findings are detrimental or unreasonable, they can also be used to bring a lawsuit against the school under the Title IX Act.

The definition of sexual harassment at different schools will vary. However, Title IX requires all schools to take steps to prevent and investigate sexual harassment. Even though recurring incidents may constitute sexual harassment, investigators can also deem a single incident a violation. Whether you’ve been wrongfully accused or victimized, a Title IX attorney will assist you.

Bullying, cyberbullying, and hazing come under the coverage Title IX category if it happens in school. Hazing is a form of hostile environment sexual harassment often imposed by school athletics teams, clubs, and other organizations on students. Hazing contains words or actions that are sexual. Similarly, bullying and cyberbullying students often involve offensive language or actions of a sexual nature, thus falling under the jurisdiction of hostile environment sexual harassment. A title IX lawyer will protect you against other kinds of harassment in educational settings.   

Some benefits of having an experienced Title IX lawyer:

  • A Title IX lawyer guides the students throughout the process.
  • A Title IX lawyer helps the accused student with hearings and interviews during the disciplinary process.
  • The lawyer prepares a strategy to have the best defense for the charge.
  • The lawyer ensures that the school follows its Title IX procedures and policies.
  • During the lawyer’s course of instruction, the student will learn how to cross-examine the complainant and her witnesses and document the process to prepare an appeal if needed.

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