How An AA Meeting Locator Can Help You Find AA Meetings Near You

Did you know that you could take the help of an AA meeting locator to find AA meetings near you? For people right out of rehab, attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings is highly recommended to stay sober. Relapses are common during the first few weeks after recovery and an AA meeting can help you stay on track.

How AA meetings can help to recover alcoholics to stay sober

Alcoholics Anonymous has been there for many decades and is a worldwide organization committed to helping recovering addicts. It was designed to enable addicts to help and support each other in the battle to fight alcoholism. Today, AA meetings are held in cities all across the globe. If you can find an AA meetings locator online, you can get locations of all the meetings in and around your home.

All AA meetings are open to people belonging to any age, race, ethnicity, or gender. Some meetings even allow family members of addicts to take part in the discussions. Those attending AA meetings pledge to stay sober and refrain from using alcohol and drugs. These meetings encourage using a sobriety calculator to keep track of individual progress. It will show you how many days and weeks you have successfully abstained from alcohol use. When you achieve milestones, you get rewarded with chips or tokens. This serves to encourage addicts to stay sober and reinforces their commitment to sobriety.

The meetings provide an insight into different ways to support recovery. For this purpose, they uphold the 12 steps of AA. The 12 traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous had been designed for treating alcoholism. The idea behind the 12 traditions was to stabilize the program and keep it away from external influences. 

The 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are run primarily by past addicts who are members of the AA. Their purpose is to extend a helping hand to those currently undergoing treatment and on the path to recovery. So, every member must read the AA’s Big Book which is like the organization’s Bible. It contains stories of addicts who have recovered successfully and can inspire others to reach long-term sobriety. It includes additional stories whenever the version is upgraded. These provide much hope to recovering addicts and motivate them to stay sober.

Finding an AA meeting near you should not be difficult if you have access to an AA meeting locator. Once you find these, start attending a few to get an idea of what goes on during these meetings. You will find AA meetings can be of different types. There are speaker meetings, open and closed meetings, meetings only for men or women or LGBTQ, etc. Local AA meetings are usually held in libraries and churches. Online meetings have also become popular in recent times with the pandemic raging and people hesitant to leave their homes.

Once you have attended some AA meetings, you will know which type appeals to you. But, it is important to keep attending AA meetings even if you do not participate in them actively.

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