Home Furnishing: Top 5 Furniture for Your New Home

Your New Home

When moving into a new home, there are several essential items you’ll need if you plan to please all five senses. From the perfect home air freshener to the coziest throw blankets and pillows, how you outfit your home will make a big difference to their comfort.

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And when it comes to comfort, furniture is at the top of the list. Furniture provides comfort, makes your new place habitable, and enhances its appearance. Some people prefer an uncluttered space with only the essential furnishings, while others would rather have a completely furnished home.

Whatever your style, here are essential furniture items you’ll be needing in your new home. 

1. Mattress

When you move into a new home, it might take a couple of days or weeks to settle in fully. But you need to get a good night’s rest during that period. That’s why a comfortable mattress should be on top of your furniture list. You can opt for a king-sized pad or a simple floor mattress.

When shopping for a mattress, the first thing you should consider is your health. Generally, firm mattresses are preferable because extremely soft ones will cause your body to sink and result in severe backaches. You should also consider getting items like pillows, duvets, and mattress toppers to give you the extra coziness you need for a good night’s sleep.      

2. Sofa

The next thing you’ll need apart from a place to sleep is a sofa you can use to relax in your living room. Since you won’t be spending all day in bed and you may not feel comfortable having guests sit on your bed, sofas are a must-have. Also, sofas are versatile furniture pieces that are perfect for sleeping. They can help create extra room if you haven’t bought enough mattresses for every member of your household or if your guests stay overnight.

It’s best to choose a rattan corner dining set that is appropriate for your space and suits your lifestyle and needs. Before selecting a sofa, check different stores and compare prices, quality, and style. It’s essential you have an idea of the color, size, and fabric of the sofa you want before looking around to avoid getting confused.

3. Dining Table

If you have a large family with kids or occasionally entertain guests, you’ll need a functional dining table. It is where family and guests gather to eat and know what’s going on in each other’s lives. If you have kids, chances are you’ll be sitting at your dining table to help them with their homework.

Your dining area can be a multi-use space or a separate dining room. The best dining table for your new home will be one that works for your budget, fits into your space, and has a timeless style, so you wouldn’t need to change it within a short period. Remember to check the stability and durability of any table you are thinking of buying because dining tables usually endure immense use at home.

To choose a dining table for your new home, start by measuring the width and length of the space where you intend to place the table. Next, subtract about six feet from both measurements to obtain your target dining table width and length. You don’t want your dining table occupying so much space that it becomes difficult to move around or pull out chairs.   

4. Bar Stools

Bar stools are family-friendly pieces of furniture for homes, especially if you have a wet bar or high kitchen counter. Since you may not want to use your formal dining room in the morning, bar stools will make it easier to serve breakfast. Also, they can come in handy when you want guests to be present in the room and have drinks, snacks, or appetizers while you prepare dinner.

Outside the kitchen or bar, bar stools are an excellent addition to your home workspaces. They come in various designs and can infuse your home with an aesthetic appeal.

5. Storage shelves

Storage shelves can help you develop a clutter-free home and make it easier to find items. If you have a small space, organizing your things in a shelve enhances your space and frees up room for furniture and movement. Also, you can optimize your tiny closet space to accommodate your entire wardrobe. There are various types of shelves you can use at home, such as floating, corner, adjustable, pull-out, and fixed shelves.

When considering which type to buy, think about the item you want to shelve, why you want to shelve, where you’ll install the shelve, and the aesthetic of your space. For instance, if you’re going to store glasses, mugs, bowls, or plates in the kitchen, you could get a floating shelf to make the items easily accessible for you and your guests. Consider getting a corner shelf if you want pictures, plants, or books on display. Since the corners of a room don’t get much lighting, you could install corner shelf lighting to illuminate the shelve.  

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