Halfway Houses in Texas – Understanding Visitation Rules Better

All halfway houses have some or the other list of rules and regulations that not only allow them to run smoothly they also help the residents to gain valuable social skills that help them become responsible members of the society.

In case you are wondering why such rules are in place, well, they ensure the safety and security of the residents so that they do not face any danger while they are in the house. 

Let us now understand these rules in detail.

Number of visitors

Each halfway house in Texas, has a stipulated number of visitors each resident can meet. These include:

  • immediate family members
  • friends (pre-approved by the house authorities)
  • attorneys

All visitors must carry along their valid ID and be over 18 years of age.

Hours of Visitation 

It is obvious that visitors won’t be allowed at all hours of the day. If you are wondering, “Does the halfway house near me have specific visiting days and hours?” in all probability, it will. Some houses do allow walk-ins, but it is more an exception than the rule. Weekends may have longer visitation hours than weekdays. So, if you are planning to visit a loved one in a halfway house in Texas, check the hours and days first and plan accordingly.

What Visitors Can Bring

If you are checking out halfway houses in Texas, for a loved one and have a small child you would like to take along on visits, it is important to know which items are not allowed. Check this aspect with the house authorities beforehand to avoid hassles later.

Video Visits

Some houses may offer video visits to their residents. Those who come to stay in the house from far away may prefer to speak with their loved ones via video, and they can avail this facility. This has been especially helpful in the recent times of the Covid-19 outbreak. A major convenience, this facility helps save time and money too. 

Keeping Mobiles

The quest for sober living is not an easy one, and all house authorities know that the path to recovery is littered with enticements for residents. Knowing the temptations mobile phones can provide, some houses prohibit their possession. But this rule differs in different houses. Some allow mobile phones, but the basic type – not smartphones. Some allow phones with cameras but not with internet access.

Most facilities clearly state their mobile phone rules, and you can read up on them before you decide to select one.

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