Hacker 2.28m MeetMindful: What We Learned From Our First Meeting

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched our first meeting, Hacker 2.28m Meetmindful Idscimpanuzdnet! In this meeting, we aimed to get together and discuss how we can apply mindfulness to the software development industry. We also wanted to hear from you—what were your thoughts on the meeting? What would you like us to do next? We hope you enjoyed the meeting and that it was informative for you! If you did, please share this post with your colleagues and friends so they can join in on the conversation. 🙂

What is Hacker 2.28m?

Hacker .m MeetMindful: What We Learned From Our First Meeting

We had our first meeting today, which was a lot of fun! Here’s what we learned. 

1. Mindfulness is essential for hackers. We all must be mindful of our thoughts and surroundings to succeed. 

2. It’s essential to have an open mind when meeting new people. Be willing to try new things and be curious about others. 

3. We should all stay humble and have respect for others, no matter how skilled we may think we are.

What We Learned From Our First Meeting

We convened our first meeting to learn about one another and better understand how we could work together. Here are some key takeaways from our get-together: 

1. We all have much to share and contribute to the hacker .m community. 

2. We’re passionate about building a more conservative society and working together to help make that happen. 

3. We’re committed to working collaboratively and fostering constructive feedback.


We had a great first meeting with MeetMindful, which was very informative. We learned about the company, its mission, and what they do to help people become more mindful. We also got a chance to ask them questions and get their thoughts on the current state of conscious living. Overall, we are excited about this opportunity and believe that working together can benefit both sides greatly.

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