Getting a Job Abroad – A Guide to Finding Opportunities in Another Country

The ease of international money transfers has spiked the number of expatriates globally.
Developing countries have immense work opportunities for expatriates from around the world. And seeking those opportunities also increases the number of expatriates in developed countries. Where many jobs and work opportunities are available in developed countries, getting hired for the desired role often proves to be a little tricky. More than 12 million Filipinos live abroad and have migrated for better employment. Their primary goal of migration is to send money to Philippines to help manage a better life for their families.

Finding a job abroad is not as easy as it may sound. There are specific vital considerations to be kept in mind. Let’s glance over the strategies to quickly find the desired job opportunities in a foreign land by starting to know about the total number of expatriates worldwide.

Expatriates around the globe in statistics

A report recently revealed that upwards of 75 million expatriates work in foreign countries. These expats move to the developed world to find better jobs and education, which they hardly find in their native countries. Such a massive number of global migrants need several essentials to live and work in foreign lands where finding a credible remittance service provider is always inevitable. There are several money transfer options available for expats today, where a majority choose to send money online to their families from abroad.

If you are also planning to move abroad to find work or better education, you should prepare for several necessities beforehand. Let’s quickly look at the necessary steps that you must take to get a job abroad.

Getting a job abroad

Working in a foreign land helps you enhance your skillset and improves your personality both personally and professionally. Following are a few essential things that help you get hired in a foreign land and enhance your skills.

Command over different language(s)

Typically, your employer will conduct your interview in their native language. However, many employers commonly consider English as the standard medium for communication. When applying for a job abroad and appearing in the interview, you should not expect the employers to communicate with you in your mother tongue. Therefore, you need to prepare to speak well with your employer either in their mother tongue or in English instead of your native language.

Non-conventional interview methods

You are used to getting interviewed in person in your home country. And you have always prepared for that. But, to get a job overseas, you must be ready for an interview over a phone or video call. It has become common to arrange interviews virtually using different applications such as Zoom Meeting, Google Meetup, etc. These software applications have various features and benefits that allow you to hold discussions, meetings, and interviews with people worldwide by staying in your comfort zone.

Surf the internet to find jobs overseas      

An array of websites will help you find innumerable jobs online. The best technique is to find the most popular websites, list those, and then search for the jobs you think suit you. A purposeful job search may help you save time and apply only for the desired ones instead of scrolling through thousands of generic job advertisements that aren’t aligned with your scope of work. You may consider using different keywords relevant to your skillset and study area and work to find out the best for you.

Job identification and corresponding skillset

You must identify the exact job and the required skill set you need. Because generally, in third-world countries, your skillset goes one way, and the position you find goes the other. Most people seeking jobs overseas hail from these countries and come across the issue of lacking the required skillset or finding out the desired job. Preparing for an overseas job with the help of experts or online search can save these expats from such troubles. For instance, if a Filipino is prepared well, considering all the requirements of an international job, it can guarantee success in a foreign country to earn better and send money online to Philippines to support the financial needs of the family.

Consider the difference in time zones.

Considering the differences between time zones will help you adjust accordingly and make your transition easy. Although, it seems pretty challenging to understand the difference and get accustomed to new schedules in a strange culture. Yet, you can gradually become used to new time zones with a bit of effort by searching over the internet and taking help from people around your work or residence location.

Timelines and preparations for visa

You must consider that your employer will require a work permit or visa. You must prepare for these on time, given the timelines to process these. To ensure timely preparation of the required documents and other essentials, you may complete your research beforehand applying for a job in a foreign country. This way, you can quickly learn about the prerequisites for different opportunities you’ll need to produce while applying for the job and joining the role in your destination country. If you fail to do so, you’ll face trouble winning the desired position(s).

Ascertain the exact job you are interested in

Do not just wander around while searching for a job abroad. Determine what type of job you exactly need because it will make the hunt easier. Targeted research will increase your chances of getting hired since you save much of your energy and time and can properly prepare for the induction process. Narrowing down your scope of research according to your skillset is the best possible way to find and apply for the desired position abroad.

Decide the country you want to go to without confusion.

Your clarity of thoughts is a must in this matter too. Instead of entangling yourself in random and unplanned research, you should select the countries you like to move to after getting hired. This will help you focus sharply on the jobs you need, and your search will become smart. Smart research through the internet has become so convenient that you can use filters to select your target country, industry, and job positions to see only the options which align with your expertise.

Prepare and wait patiently.

After considering all the above, be prepared for a call, an interview, and an interactive session but never rush. Different employers in various countries have specific induction processes to follow while hiring foreigners. The employer will most likely take some time to review and verify your application and eligibility to proceed further in the hiring process. Patience is vital in applying for a job in a distant land.

Let’s now take a quick look at a few benefits of working abroad.

Unique cultural experience

Working overseas exposes you to an entirely different cultural experience which is quite exciting. Adjusting to it takes time, but it will be a fantastic experience once you adjust it. Interacting with new people and experiencing different cultural norms and traditions improves your personality and helps you enjoy smooth expat life in a foreign land. It might not be easy for some people to take an interest in foreign cultures; however, if you make friends with locals and learn about their culture, food, and life, you can quickly get accustomed to new life there and have a pleasant experience.

Attractive resume

Working abroad, of course, makes an appealing addition to your resume. It helps you attract other potential employers should you feel the need to attract them. If you are applying for an international role for the first time, you should seek help from friends with working knowledge about making an impressive resume that can win a job for you. You may perform your research on the internet to seek guidance on preparing a functional resume to be selected for your desired role(s) abroad.

Becoming more independent

Working away from your comfort zone amid strange people in a new culture and society increases your confidence and makes you rely more on yourself than others. When you live in a foreign country, you most likely have to do many things yourself that you don’t usually do in your native land. Expat life provides you opportunities to master everyday undertakings and improves your life’s quality. When you manage a variety of things and do your regular job alone in a foreign land, you become independent, which boosts your confidence.

Enhanced adaptability and flexibility

The experience of working in a foreign land will help you become more flexible and adaptable to newer work environments and other changes that shape up around you in a distant land. Moving abroad, you cannot always find everything perfectly arranged according to your wishes. So, you ultimately have to adjust yourself to the new life experience that makes you more flexible and adaptable to varying life situations.

Here’s the list of top countries to work in as an expatriate and some statistics to help you decide where to migrate.

List of top countries to work in 2022

New Zealand

New Zealand is best for seasonal jobs. The living cost in the country is around $927 per month, exclusive of residential rent. The average salary here falls somewhere near approximately $3,323 per month. You can apply for different jobs in various industries in New Zealand.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is best for research and academia. The living cost here is $975 per month, exclusive of residential rent. The average salary you’ll find here is $3,025 per month. The country is one of the fascinating locations for expatriates worldwide.

South Korea

South Korea offers multiple job opportunities in different industries, but the best option here’s for teaching English as a secondary language. The living cost in South Korea is $926 per month, exclusive of residential rent. The average salary is $2,210 per month in the country.


Australis is best for work exchanges and study purposes. The cost of living is $996 per month, exclusive of residential rent in the country. Australia offers an average salary of 3,684 per month. A massive number of students worldwide migrate here to seek better education. Australia’s number of overseas workers is also high, given its highly healthy environment and fantastic life experience.


Germany is also among the top countries with many job opportunities, but it is considered the best for engineering jobs. The living cost in Germany is $886 per month, exclusive of residential rent. The average salary here is $2,908 per month. It’s one country that allows overseas students to acquire their academic degrees and work simultaneously, which lets them manage their expenses and support their families back home.


Brazil is considered the best for tourism jobs. Expatriates find an average living cost of around $479 per month, exclusive of residential rent here in the country. The average salary in the country ranges from around $396 per month. Brazil has a rich culture and a colourful life that offers overseas workers a lively expat life experience.


Denmark also has numerous opportunities for expatriates, and It is best for trainees in different industries. The living cost for overseas workers and students is around $1,044 per month, excluding residential rent. You get an average salary of approximately $3,556 per month in Denmark, which varies according to your role, the employer, and the industry.


Botswana is best for jobs in the finance sector. The living cost here is $544 per month, exclusive of residential rent. The average monthly salary in Botswana is $975, but it varies according to the role and scope of work. Botswana is rich in grasslands, fossilised river valleys, deserts, and wild animals, offering a complete pack of nature that attracts tourists. If you love nature, Botswana can be your desired location to work.


Canada is undoubtedly one of the most liked expatriate destinations worldwide that offers innumerable education and work opportunities. You can find the desired job in any industry you want in Canada, but many consider the country the best for healthcare jobs. You’ll find an average living cost of $889 per month, exclusive of residential rent in Canada. Though the wages greatly vary according to the nature of the job and industry, you can expect an average salary of $2,784 per month in Canada.


Cambodia is best known for digital nomads. The average living cost here is $581 per month, exclusive of residential rent. It offers an average salary of $264 per month that can vary based on the industry, employer, and the role you are applying for in Cambodia.

This list is not based on the salaries offered only. Several factors have been considered, such as happiness index ranking, visa duration and ease of job availability, etc. You may select your desired country to move to and perform further research to learn about the chosen country’s different things.

Where to Find the Best Remittance Service Provider in a Foreign Land after finding Jobs?

Besides many other needs, one of the primary concerns for every expatriate is finding a reliable and efficient money transfer company in a foreign country. Sending money home is the chief purpose of migrating to another country, given the differences between the valued of varying currencies. The expatriates work, earn, and send remittances back home from their destination countries, for which they always need the most trusted service provider.

Do you know which service provider can cater to your financial needs to let your share funds with your beneficiaries timely and safely?

ACE Money Transfer provides the best international money transfer services

ACE Money Transfer is one of the leading remittance service providers worldwide. The company has a considerable customer base serving millions of expatriates across 100+ countries. The following few features make the company stand on top of the competition and lead the industry.

Speed, security and efficiency

With ACE Money Transfer, you can transfer funds anywhere in a few minutes and a fewer clicks.

The transactions with ACE are safe, to the utter disappointment of the online hackers and scammers. The company uses end-to-end security encryption protocols that keep your transactions fully secured. The speed of transactions with the company is impressive, where your beneficiaries receive the payments swiftly, providing ultimate peace of mind to both the sending and the receiving parties.

Minimal to completely ZERO transaction fee

With ACE, you will not have to worry about paying hefty sums as fees, as its service charges are a bare minimum. And to facilitate its valued customers, ACE Money Transfer enables its customers to send money to their loved ones from abroad absolutely free of cost when they join the company for the first time.

Best currency exchange rates on offer

One of ACE’s top service features that keeps attracting more customers to using its remittance solutions is its matchless exchange rates. The company believes in customer satisfaction and understands the economic despair of worldwide diasporas. Therefore, ACE Money Transfer has successfully provided its customers with the best exchange rates in all of its functioning locations across the globe.

Getting a job in a distant land may be easy, but the worry is ensuring your family’s smooth and uninterrupted flow of funds. It is admissible for you to consider all the points discussed above at length, the countries listed and determine your exact needs about what job you need and in what country. Most importantly, selecting your remittances transfer services provider must be careful. For example, the cheapest way(s) to transfer money internationally provided by ACE Money Transfer is hardly available elsewhere. Therefore, care, research and comparison in this matter are essential.  Choose ACE’s services for making a quick and safe money transfer to Philippines from abroad.

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