Get Value for Money with Nexen Tyres

Get Value for Money with Nexen Tyres

Nexen Tyres are known as one of the best value tyres on the market. They are strong and durable to drive on all kinds of roads. So, regardless of what you are seeking, an all-purpose tyre for SUV or a high-performance one for your sports carbuy Nexen tyres as they have a wide variety to suit all your needs.

Established in 1942 in Korea, Nexen Tyres was established under the name Heung-A Tire Company. It was in 1956 that the company was recognized as the first Korean tyre company. In 1985, Nexen began to concentrate on radial tyres and then allied with OHTSU Tyre and Rubber to develop its production capabilities and further its technological know-how. After spending 30 years in the tyre business, Nexen expanded into the area of Yangsan by building a radial tyre factory.

In 2000, the company changed its name to Nexon Tire Corporation. Why? Because the name is an amalgamation of two future-oriented words. Next and Century. Moreover, in the same year, Nexen was also included in the KOSPI 200 Index. It is a Korean capitalization-weighted futures market that makes up about 93% of the total market value of Korea’s Stock Exchange. 

It has been about 71 years since Nexen Tyres came into being and it continues to grow. The company opened a second manufacturing plant in 2003 so it could produce performance tyres. Another manufacturing plant was opened in 2007 to meet product demand. The company exports to over 120 countries.

OEM Tyres

The company makes a range of OEM Tyres. OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer. It means that the manufacturer has selected Nexen tyres for their vehicle model/models. Global automakers such as Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Holden, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Mercedez-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, and Volkswagen use Nexen tyres.

Nexen Tyres Range

There are 30 different tread patterns in the Nexen tyres range. Each of them comes with Smart Seal technology. It is a creative approach to sealing the tyre against the rim. As a result, it prevents the air from leaking if the tyre hits a bump or pothole.

Along with this pressure safety feature, all Nexen tyres have Noise Free tech. This assists the tyre body disperses the vibration. This makes a significant reduction in noise before reaching the passenger cabin of the vehicle.

Although Nexen tyres are affordable comparatively, you can rest assured to experience excellent comfort, durability, and safety as well as fuel economy.

Nexen tyres feature an array of products. Let’s take a look at them: 

  • Commercial tyres
  • High-performance tyres
  • Bus and truck tyres
  • Passenger car tyres
  • Industrial tyres
  • Off-road tyres
  • SUV/Crossover Tyres
  • Light truck tyres
  • Winter tyres

That is a pretty expansive range of tyres. So, whether you need to buy tyres UAE for a personal car or a truck, or for commercial purposes, Nexen’s tyre range has got you covered as it offers every kind of tyre any vehicle can possibly need. With durability and affordability, you are bound to get your value of money with them.

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