Filipinos Love Perfumes – Here’s Why

Filipinos Love Perfumes

Filipinos are known for their obsession with perfumes. In fact, the country has one of the highest rates of perfume purchases in the world. But why are Filipinos so obsessed with being fragrant?

It’s a tradition

It is only natural that Filipinos are obsessed with fragrances because they’ve been accustomed to aromas since they were babies. Their mothers and grandmothers would bathe them with scented water. It’s also one of the reasons why Filipinos were clean and well-groomed even before they learned how to speak!

It’s a status symbol

Filipinos tend to buy their perfumes at a premium and even will pay a premium for it to come with a box and tissue paper. In fact, they spend more on perfumes than any other country in Southeast Asia.

This is because of the cultural importance of perfumes as a status symbol—the more expensive your perfumes, the higher your social status. It’s not just about smelling good; it’s about telling people that you can afford to smell good.

They feel good when wearing it

Filipinos are known for their sense of style and fashion so wearing a perfume is almost like completing their outfit by adding an accessory or two! Also, having a nice scent will make you feel confident about yourself which is always good for self-esteem as well!

Making first impressions memorable

When you walk into the room, people will notice it right away: “Whoa, who’s wearing that?” they’ll ask. “What is that?” They’ll stand there making their own guesses until you give them a whiff, and then they’ll gasp in delight at the angelic smell of your perfume. You’ll have everyone at your fingertips—ready to do whatever it takes to please you!

And when it comes for them to leave? They’ll be dying to know what it is so they can buy some for themselves!

Because of this desire for beauty and status among Filipinos, there are tons of perfume companies in the Philippines that cater specifically to Filipinos needs. The most notable one is Maison Phillipe Perfumery. They’re known for their high-quality perfume oils at affordable prices—which means you can get yourself some amazing scents without breaking the bank!

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