Fans of Charmed Now Have a New Reboot

Many fans of the TV show Charmed still watch it in reruns, and it has never lost popularity. Much of the credit for that goes to the actresses who played the leading roles in the series. Those who are still fans of the show may be interested to know that a new reboot of Charmed has hit TV land.

Surprisingly, none of the actresses in the lead roles were as hot as they previously were. The key trio of sisters consisted of a couple of actresses who had previously seen their share of hits but were no longer offered those critical roles.

Of the original cast, Shannon Doherty, who played the role of Prue, is one of three sisters that are “sisters first, then witches. She was primarily known for her turn on the TV show 90210. Alyssa Milano played her sister, Phoebe, who had a starring role as a youngster playing Tony Danza’s daughter in Who’s the Boss, which also starred Judith Light.

Holly Marie Combs had minimal acting experience, having only appeared in the show Picket Fences before her role as Piper in Charmed.

Reaction to Shannon Doherty’s Departure:

There has always been some disagreement over the departure of Shannon Doherty, but it is most often stated that she didn’t get along well with the rest of the cast. So, as the fourth year was being written, it would deal with her departure.

The writers were concerned that this might be the final year if most fans were watching to see Shannon Doherty. But this was not the case. The beginning of the 4th season introduced viewers to Paige Matthews, a step-sister of the original three who stepped into the voided spot. The audience accepted the new character and the series hardly missed a step. If anything, the introduction of Paige gave the writers even more stories to explore.

Strong Backing:

From the beginning, the show had some strong backing. The series was created by Constance Burge, who had previously worked on Ally McBeal. Mega-talented Aaron Spelling produced the series, and the showrunner was Brad Kern.

The series also featured some up-and-coming talent, so you never know who may pop in to play this week’s warlock. Charmed was a cute show and had a solid fan base. It will be interesting to see if the new Charmed reboot experiences the same success.

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