Etoro Review: Everything You Need to Know

Etoro is one of the most respected names in the field of social trading, and the site has received many accolades since its inception in 2007. Although it was initially available only in Europe, it expanded to cover the United States and Canada in 2011, and its popularity has been growing ever since. So what makes this platform different from other social trading sites? How does it work? What are the risks and benefits? We’ll go over all that and more in this eToro review.

A Brief History of Etoro

Etoro was founded in 2007 by two brothers, Yoni and Ronen Assia. The company began as a social trading platform but has since expanded into other areas, such as cryptocurrency and investment management. In 2020, the etoro review had over 10 million registered users. That number is increasing every day. One of the reasons for the growth of etoro review is the user-friendly interface that enables traders of all levels to use it with ease. Another reason is that they have partnered with some of the largest brokers, banks, and financial institutions to give their customers access to markets all around the world (including emerging markets).

Minimum Deposit Requirements

For those looking to get started with investing, eToro is a great option. They have a low minimum deposit requirement of just $200, which is much lower than many other brokerages. Plus, they offer a variety of features and tools that can be helpful for both beginner and experienced investors. In this eToro review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this popular brokerage. A few pros are their low minimum deposit requirements, helpful tutorials, easy-to-use trading platform, and diverse selection of markets from stocks to commodities. On the flip side, there are some downsides such as high fees for withdrawals and limited trading opportunities outside the U.S.

Overall, if you’re new to the world of investing or want an inexpensive brokerage service provider that offers a wide range of services then the etoro review could be right for you!

Trading and Account Options

Etoro offers investors the ability to trade stocks, commodities, currencies, and indices. They also offer a variety of account options, including a demo account for new investors. The etoro review platform is user-friendly and offers a variety of features, making it a great choice for those looking to get started in online trading. A list of customer reviews on sites like Yelp shows that customers are generally satisfied with their experience with etoro reviews.

They have some international restrictions, so US citizens can’t use their website or app from within the country. However, they do allow individuals outside of America to open an account with them.


All in all, etoro is a great platform for those looking to get into social trading and investing. The fees are reasonable, the customer service is excellent, and the features and interface are user-friendly. If you’re looking for a comprehensive etoro review, this is it! We’ve gone over everything from how the site works to what its pros and cons are. Now that you know what to expect, go sign up for an account with eToro today!

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