Eileen Gu Parents: Their Life, Legacy, and Impact on Eileen’s Success


Eileen Gu, a Chinese-American entrepreneur and co-founder of the popular fitness app “WELLTHY,” is an inspiring figure who has achieved immense success in the tech industry. Her story of perseverance, grit, and hard work is remarkable. However, behind every successful person lies an account of their upbringing and the people who influenced them the most. In Eileen’s case, her parents played a crucial role in shaping her values and providing the foundation for her success. In this article, we will explore Eileen Gu Parents‘ life, legacy, and impact on her journey to success.

The Early Life of Eileen’s Parents

Eileen’s parents, Wei Gu, and Lijun Li were born and raised in China. They grew up during political and economic turmoil, with the Cultural Revolution in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Despite the challenges they faced, both Wei and Lijun were able to pursue higher education and graduate from prestigious universities in China.

Wei Gu studied computer science at the University of Science and Technology of China, while Lijun Li studied economics at the Renmin University of China. After completing their education, they both found jobs in their respective fields and worked hard to establish themselves in their careers.

Their Move to the United States

In the early 1990s, Wei and Lijun moved to the United States to pursue better opportunities for themselves and their future family. They both enrolled in graduate programs at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where Wei studied computer science, and Lijun studied economics.

The move to the United States was a significant challenge for Wei and Lijun. They had to adjust to a new culture, learn a new language, and navigate a different system. However, their hard work and determination paid off, and they were able to complete their degrees and secure jobs in their fields.

The Importance of Education and Hard Work

Eileen’s parents instilled in her the value of education and hard work. They believed these two things were essential for success, regardless of the field or industry one pursued. Eileen’s parents set a strong example for her by working hard in their careers and constantly striving to improve themselves.

Eileen’s mother, Lijun, was particularly influential in shaping her daughter’s work ethic. Lijun worked long hours as an economist, often coming home late at night. However, she never complained about her job and always made time for her family. This dedication to her work and her family left a lasting impression on Eileen.

Eileen’s father, Wei, was also a strong influence on her. As a computer scientist, Wei was always up-to-date with the latest technology and gadgets. He encouraged Eileen’s interest in computers and technology from a young age, teaching her how to use computers and even building her a personal computer in middle school.

The Impact of Chinese Culture

Eileen’s parents also emphasized the importance of Chinese culture and language. They spoke Mandarin at home, and Eileen learned to read and write Chinese at a young age. This knowledge of the Chinese language and culture has been an asset to Eileen throughout her career, mainly when working with Chinese investors and partners.

Eileen’s parents also introduced her to traditional Chinese values, such as filial piety and respect for elders. These values have helped Eileen build strong relationships with her colleagues and mentors and contributed to her business success.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Eileen’s parents also instilled in her an entrepreneurial spirit. They encouraged her to pursue her passions and explore opportunities from a young age. Eileen’s father, in particular, was an entrepreneur, having started his own software company in China before moving to the United States. He shared his experiences with Eileen, teaching her about the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship.

Eileen’s parents also encouraged her to take risks and not be afraid of failure. They believed that failure was a natural part of the learning process and that learning from one’s mistakes was important. This mindset has been critical to Eileen’s success as an entrepreneur, as she has had to take risks and make difficult decisions throughout her career.

Supporting Eileen’s Dreams

Eileen’s parents were always supportive of her dreams and aspirations. When Eileen expressed an interest in pursuing a career in the tech industry, her parents encouraged her to pursue her passion. They provided her with the resources and opportunities to explore her interests, such as enrolling her in computer science classes and encouraging her to attend technology conferences.

When Eileen co-founded her fitness app, WEALTHY, her parents were some of her first investors. They believed in her vision and were willing to take a risk on her idea. This support and encouragement from her parents helped Eileen take her business to the next level.

The Legacy of Eileen’s Parents

Eileen’s parents have left a lasting legacy on their daughter and the tech industry as a whole. Their emphasis on education, hard work, and Chinese culture has helped Eileen build a successful career in the tech industry. Their entrepreneurial spirit and support of Eileen’s dreams have also significantly impacted her success.

Eileen’s parents’ story is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and perseverance. Despite facing numerous challenges and obstacles throughout their lives, they overcame them and built a better life for themselves and their family.


Eileen Gu Parents played a crucial role in shaping her values, work ethic, and entrepreneurial spirit. Their emphasis on education, hard work, and Chinese culture gave Eileen a strong foundation for success in the tech industry. Their support of her dreams and willingness to take risks has also been instrumental in her success as an entrepreneur. The legacy of Eileen’s parents inspires all those who strive to overcome adversity and achieve greatness.

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