Dog Health Care Tips

Dog Health Care

Negligence in dog care is often the reason why certain dogs fall ill frequently or face serious health issues. Both new dog or pet parents and experienced ones need to keep in mind certain dog health care tips in order to guarantee a long and healthy life for their pooch. This is essential for ensuring that you do not make any mistakes in pet parenting and the journey of bringing home a dog is enjoyable. Zigly loves dogs and we want to help and guide all dog parents by sharing these dog health care tips so that apart from security, love and shelter you give them what they rightfully deserve.

The Importance of Dog Health Care

One of the primary reasons why dog health care is important is because dogs cannot speak and convey what they are feeling or experiencing in words. They have their own ways of exhibiting their feelings and symptoms but for that, we need to have a keen and observant eye. Puppies, senior dogs and dogs who have health problems need special attention and care. The purpose of dog parents knowing and following dog health care tips is that they can give proper care to their dogs, which include regular visits to the vet, medication, providing food that is suitable for the breed and physical exercise – all this ensures that your dog is happy and healthy. If given the right care even senior dogs or seriously ill dogs can live a physically fit life.

Dog Health Care Tips

Mentioned below are a few dog health care tips which will be useful for both new and old dog parents in ensuring that their dog is content and healthy. You can have a look here:

  • Avoid overfeeding your dog: Obesity in dogs is a severe problem. While some dogs have a tendency to gain weight, others get obese due to extra meals and scraps. Obese dogs are at an increased risk of heart trouble, metabolic problems, weak immune systems and joint problems such as arthritis. One of the primary dog health care tips includes avoiding overfeeding your dog. Only the amount recommended by the vet should be given and at the right interval.
  • Maintain dental health: Dental health is extremely important in dogs. If you brush your dog’s teeth regularly, there won’t be tartar or plaque and therefore no bad breath. Brushing teeth is often overlooked in dogs even though it is supreme in the list of dog health care tips. Speak to your vet about the toothpaste you use, it should be dog specific. There are also certain dog treats that are made keeping in mind keeping the dental health of dogs. These dental treats aid in maintaining dental health.
  • Regular visits to the vet: Getting your dog screened for any diseases or health issues regularly is good. If your dog is susceptible to falling prey to any health problem, the vet will help you by prescribing the right medication. An early diagnosis may help in stopping the disease from advancing. Trips to the vet are also useful in keeping track of the vaccination record
  • Do not give your dog human food: While many people can be confused about what dogs eat, there are some foods that are completely forbidden. Certain foods that we humans consume are not good for dogs. Onions, chocolates and avocados are very bad for your pooch and you must keep them away from him/her. Taking care of what your dog eats in a day is another very important part of the many dog health care tips. You must ensure that your dog gets a wholesome diet.
  • Physical activity and mental stimulation: Regular walks are beneficial both for you and your dog. Walking your dog aids in preventing boredom, controlling destructive behaviour and separation anxiety. Irrespective of the breed your dog belongs to, physical activity should be a part of your dog’s daily schedule as it assists in burning extra energy. At the same time, mental stimulation is also crucial. Buying the rightdog toys will keep your dog mentally involved and stimulated. There is a huge variety of dog toys in the market such as Kong toys, chew toys, etc which are useful.
  • Be consistent with training: Last but not least on our list of dog health care tips, we have consistent training. It is good to train your dog as it aids good behaviour. Decide on certain house rules and make sure that your dog follows them. Be mindful of not shouting or hitting your dog, rather helping your dog with positive reinforcement always yields better results.

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