Do You Still Tan When Wearing Mineral Based Sunscreen?

Over the years – and particularly before the time when sun damage risks were that well known – having a tanned look to the skin has been highly desirable. Of course, in the modern day, mineral based sunscreen is used to protect against UV damage, but does that mean you can’t get tanned when you wear it?

The short answer Tiny sponges may soak up coronavirus; old steroid dexamethasone saves lives in COVID-19 study ordering steroids online australia redcon1’s natural anabolic 11 bravo powered by muscle building mediator to that question is yes, you can still get a tan when wearing a product like this, but it is a little more complex than whether you wear sunscreen or don’t. 

Mineral Based Sunscreen Stops Most Tanning…But Not All

There’s something of a myth circulating with sunscreen that when you’re wearing it, you’re pretty much going to stay as ‘un-tanned’ as you were before you went out into the sun. The truth is that it does largely stop it, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be adding some color to the epidermis.

The thing is, your sunscreen helps – a lot – but to think that it stops 100% of the sun exposure possible would be wide of the mark. For instance, an SPF 15 product will only prevent 93% of UV rays from hitting the skin. So, 7% is still getting through and that’s going to add melatonin to the skin.

Even sunscreen that offers an SPF50 protective value will only protect you against 98% of the rays, so you’re never completely protected unless you’re in the shade!

So, How Does Tanning Happen?

As stated by the Skin Cancer Foundation, tanning is the result of melanin production in the upper layers of the epidermis. This is the body’s attempt to stop further UV damage and it’s something that can happen to anyone at any point in their lives.

There’s no such thing as a mineral based sunscreen that protects your skin 100% of the time, so you are going to get a small amount of tanning. So, while being tanned does do wonders for your self-confidence, it’s not worth the health risks that it can cause.

Stop wearing it every day and you risk:

  • Painful sunburn
  • Skin cancer
  • Compromised immunity
  • Premature skin aging

It’s much better to have lighter skin that’s not damaged by the sun than tanned skin that is, so we’d never recommend avoiding the use of sunscreen in the name of tanning. It’s just not a sensible health move. 

Staying Protected Doesn’t Mean No Tanning

Mineral based sunscreen should be worn every day, as we’ve mentioned, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t have the great tanned look.

There are a number of self-tanning options on the market that come in moisturizers and other similar products. Spray tans are another temporary option that you might consider and they come with the added benefit of providing hydration and vitamins to the skin. 

With everything considered, it just doesn’t pay to worship the sun without protection in the same way some people have done for decades. Be proud of the skin you’re in, stay on the safe side and always wear sunscreen, no matter how much you want a tanned look. 

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