Different Types of Saddle Pads

If you’re into horse riding, you are already aware of so many gears that you and your horse need before going out on a ride. However, if you’re still new to this hobby, you might feel confused which ones are essential and aren’t. Some horse-riding gears may seem unnecessary but it actually helps a lot in making your horse comfortable during the ride.

One of these is the saddle pad. It may not look that essential but saddle pads actually provide cushion to the back of the horse, making a long ride comfortable.

There are a variety of saddle pads out there each with its own purpose. Here is the different type of saddle pads to help you pick the right one for your needs.

Western and English Saddle Pads

Western pads look more like blankets and could be rectangular or square in shape. On the other hand, English pads are more padded and are thicker than western pads. They come in rectangular, square or even similar to the shape of a horse’s back.

Half Saddle Pads

Its main purpose is to provide more support and protection to the back of the horse. Aside from more comfort, half saddle pads also offer a neater look since it covers almost most of the pad under the saddle.

Dressage Saddle Pads

However, you could still use it for regular riding as long as you place its corresponding saddle for more comfort and better fit.

Gel Saddle Pads

If your horse has a sensitive or tender back, you need to use a gel saddle pad instead of the usual half saddle pad. Gel pads fit over regular saddle pads to add extra cushion to your horse’s tender back. Usually, they have risers on the front and back for better fit that goes along the contours of your horse’s back. Choosing the right saddle pad is important to keep your horse comfortable during the ride and protect its back from injury as well. With these 4 common saddle pad types, you can easily find the right pad type that suits your horse perfectly.

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