Creative Ideas for Your Wall – Canvas Photo Prints

Are you looking for cheap ways to decorate the blank walls of your home? If yes, then why not try canvas photo prints? Hanging canvas print is the most popular way of interior décor.

They give a modern look to the interiors and make pictures more impactful. When you display them on blank walls, they will add artistic flair to the walls.

So, create customized canvas photo prints from your favorite photos representing precious moments. Let us know more.

What is a Canvas Print?


The image printed on a blank canvas through an inkjet printer is known as canvas print. After printing, the photo gets stretched on a frame. If you do not want to use frames, try the gallery-wrapping method.

Artists use canvas prints to reproduce the replica of original paintings. Moreover, they are cheaper than the ones produced originally by the artists. They do not require glazing or varnishing.

Usually, canvas prints made from polyester, cotton, or linen are pretty durable and eye-catching. But, nowadays, canvas surfaces made from fibers like hemp or jute are also in demand.

Why Do You Choose Canvas Prints for Interior Décor?

Printing the photos is fun and exciting. Nothing can feel better than seeing the images you clicked printed on a canvas. Although there are different product options to print pictures, you must focus on their benefits first.

The following are some reasons to choose canvas prints for interior décor:

  • No Glare


Photos printed on glossy paper look stunning when you display them in the proper place. But their shiny finish causes glare or reflections when you hang them in a room full of bright light.

On the other hand, canvas prints generally have a matte finish. Therefore, they are the perfect medium for displaying photos in bright areas.

  • Size Variability

There is a wide range of size options available for canvas prints. You can get your image printed on canvas of an odd size to create a magnificent art piece.

  • Style Versatility


Canvas prints are timeless and classic. So, they naturally fit with all styles of interior decors. Moreover, they will look great even after several years, even if your whole interiors change.

  • Simple Framing

Once you print a photo on a canvas, add the border at its margins to make it act like a frame. Framing canvas prints is much easier than conventional photos. However, the traditional photo frames need extra elements to give an appealing look.

  • Three Dimensional Painting

Traditional images look flat and unappealing in frames. But canvas prints transmit a 3-D look. It makes amateurs produce products like professional photographers.

  • Budget-Friendly 


Canvas prints are well known for their affordability. However, the printing cost of simple photos is much higher than purchasing a canvas art of a similar size.

Types of Canvas Prints

Thankfully with canvas prints, you can have your favorite photos printed and displayed beautifully. The following are some canvas prints types readily available in the market:

  • Personalized Canvas Prints 


The canvas prints made from your own photo collection create a fantastic art piece relieving your precious moments. You often give these prints to your close ones to decorate their personal space.

  • Stock Images

These pre-made canvas prints made from stock photographs style up your space. You do not customize anything, just print the stock image precisely the same. You can find these stock images from the online portal.

It can be random pictures of nature or paintings made by renowned artists.

  • Single Panel 

It is the most straightforward way to display the prints. Select your favorite photo and print it on a blank canvas. Though they are simple, they look stunning.

  • Multi Panel


It is a slightly fancy way of displaying the photos of your choice. In this, you split up pictures into different sections. Then, print each section on a blank canvas. When you hang them carefully, it will give the desired effect.

However, make sure that all the sections go with one another. These are more creative or have an artsy flair as compared to single-panel canvas print.

  • Small Format Canvases

The small format canvas prints range from 8” x 8” to 18” x 24”. People generally display them on open shelves or gallery walls.

You can create them from family portraits, vacation photos, and many more. The custom canvases display your pictures with clarity and their dynamic colors beautifully.

  • Large Format Canvases

Generally, large format canvases stand out alone because of their bold designs. However, they are very beneficial in creating a statement on the wall. They are perfect to style up the entryways, lobbies, or living rooms.

You can add pictures of landscapes, oceans, family portraits on them. They allow photos to get printed with high-quality and bring back precious memories.


Do you want to flaunt your digital photos on the walls of your home? If yes, then canvas printing is the most feasible solution. They are durable and affordable too.

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