Cost of Building a Wet Bar and Some Design Ideas

Having a drinking station at home can be fun, whether you make it simple, swanky, or expensive. Some people choose a dry bar, while others a wet bar. Dry bars usually feature countertops, refrigerators, and outlets for necessary appliances. Wet bars share many similarities but can be more convenient than the other for providing running water. More precisely, wet bars boast sinks that cut down the need to make frequent trips to the main kitchen sinks for emptying liquids or washing dishes. With dry bars, you don’t have to worry about space. From a bookshelf to a cupboard to a bar cart or antique table, anything can transform into a tiny, cozy bar.

On the other side, wet bars mostly make their way into the kitchens because of the availability of plumbing sources. Consider including a kitchen island with a versatile bar sink if you plan to have an elaborate or decent-sized bar. It will be a delightful arrangement for your guests. Some people ask if wet bars are still popular. Well, times have changed. In the 1970s and 1980s, thriving middle-class families incorporated wet bars. Nowadays, these home cocktail bars have evolved and transformed in terms of setups. They are much more modern-looking with light and bright accents. Homeowners don’t look at these settings strictly for alcoholic drinks. They make use of these corners for enjoying a coffee, a dessert, and a get-together.

Cost of a wet bar

With a well-equipped wet bar at home, you can unwind with your family and friends whenever you desire on weeknights or weekends. Like everything else, constructing an ala carte bar will have a cost. Suppose your kitchen doesn’t have an island, and you decide to incorporate the same to use it as a bar counter. In that case, it can consume a budget of USD $500 to more than USD $20,000 based on what you choose. For example, countertops can be anywhere from USD $150 to USD $1,000 and cabinets USD $1,000 to USD $10,000. Cabinets help store bar essentials. So it would be better to have space for them.

At the same time, you may want to add shelves to put some bottles or glassware on display. It has both aesthetic and practical significance. Hence, if you opt for it too, you can estimate its range to be anywhere from USD $150-USD $800. Plumbing, electric, and lighting work will also come at a cost that amounts to USD $1,000- USD $5,000. Since a fridge is a must for chilled bottles and ice, you can spend USD $500- USD $5,000. A countertop can be obtainable for USD $600. As for sinks, you get immense varieties in such appliances. You can get a small sink for a smaller island and a larger one for an expansive table. The cost of incorporating it with a faucet can be anywhere from over USD $250- USD $800.

Wet bar design ideas

As mentioned, wet bars are standard features in kitchens. But you can build it anywhere in the house, such as porch, living area, etc. No matter where you install it, there will be a cabinet and countertop. So, you can build lacquered cabinets with drawers integrated with a refrigerator, LED lighting, sink, and tap. It can be more suitable for a small house. You can create a display compartment also within this format to add more character. Or, in an open floor plan where kitchen and entertainment areas overflow each other, you can add distressed wood cabinetry, a tiny wet bar sink with faucet, walnut countertop, etc. 

Do you often invite clients at home? In that case, having a formal-style wet bar in the kitchen can be sensible. The island can have a granite countertop, and customized cabinets would store the appliances. There has to be enough room for ice makers, shelf bottles, glassware, mixers, napkins, etc. Some people include a refrigerator drawer on the top and a freezer drawer on the bottom. While cold water, beer, soda, juice boxes occupy the upper part, the lower portion takes care of ice and chilling. If you choose a small sink of 14-15 inches in size, you can fill it with ice to display the choice of beverages to your guests.

Designers say that wet bars have to be glamorous when built for entertaining. In this, accessories play an essential role. You can make the surrounding area of the bar fancy with art and sculptures. You can use exotic glasses, decanters, and other fabulous things to increase the bar’s charm.

Do you have a separate dining room where you want to include a wet bar? It can also be a good idea if your kitchen is nearby. You can use this space for drinks, desserts, and other things. Make sure to have an elegant sink, wine refrigerator, and freezer drawers in the layout.

Things to consider

DIY projects can be cheaper, while involving a professional will make it a costly affair. Although the first path is more demanding, you can expect to save huge money. But the problem is it may lack the touch of perfection unless you are an expert in these things. However, if you splash out a little by contracting professional service, you can get your stylish wet bar ready without much hassle.

Wet bars in any corner of the house can be a value-addition. With this single feature, you can organize a quick party with family and friends regardless of the occasion. You only need to find the right spot for it and equip this area with essential bar items. Once the setup is ready, you can impress anyone with your alcohol collection. You will not have to step out of the house too. Hence, it can be another huge plus. You can entertain your people late into the night. If you integrate it with the kitchen island, don’t forget to add two or more bar stools, even if there is limited space. It will instantly make your arrangement comfortable and thoughtful.

So, identify where you want this setup and plan your budget based on your needs for a successful design.

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