Control Measures for Truck Safety Movement at Workplace

With good planning, the risk from truck movements can be greatly reduced. As part of your workplace health and safety risk assessment, you need to figure out how to measure and control these risks. That said, below are control measures recommended for you to follow to ensure a safe truck movement in your workplace.

So, before your employees seek assistance from a personal injury lawyer in Brampton, be sure to cover these basic control measures. 

Roadsigns and Markings

The law says that all traffic routes must have the right signs. Signs should be easy to see and understand.

It might be helpful to have a workplace map at the entrance and other places where it makes sense, showing truck routes, one-way streets, etc. This would be especially helpful in areas of business where drivers come and go.

Signs may be needed to let people know about possible dangers. These risks are sharp bends, crossings, blind spots, and so on. Signs may be needed to warn pedestrians of hazards, show them the best way to get around and let drivers know where they can’t go.

Signs and lights should always be easy to see, so they should be kept clean and in good condition. In addition, signs that need to be seen at night will need to be reflective and, if possible, lit up. When road markings start to fade, they should be fixed.


Give pedestrians their paths or sidewalks to keep them away from trucks. Provide suitable barriers or guard rails.

If both people and trucks use a traffic route, it should be wide enough for trucks to pass people safely, and any areas that are only for people or trucks should be marked.

Where pedestrian and truck paths cross, there should be safe, well-marked, and well-equipped crossing points, and people should be required to use them.

When there are likely to be many people walking on the road, like at the end of a shift, it might be best to keep trucks off these roads altogether.

There should be separate doors for people and vehicles, and all doors should have windows. 

Loading Bays

Personal Injury Lawyer Brampton Loading bays should be in safe and convenient places as much as possible. For instance, when loading off things from a reach truck, not having a proper loading bay will potentially be a risk to anyone nearby.

Loading bays should have at least one exit for pedestrians. Wide loading bays usually need at least two exits, one at each end. Loading bays must also be fenced off with secure guardrails where people could fall. If fencing is not possible, other ways to keep people safe may need to be found. 


A place of business has to have enough good lighting.

For the safety of transportation, all roads, turning areas, and yards should have enough light. Other areas where you should focus your attention are those around intersections, buildings, plants, pedestrian areas, and places where trucks move often.

Sun glare can sometimes make it hard for people to drive. Steps may also need to be taken to keep the amount of light inside and outside of buildings from being very different.

Additional Tips for Truck Safety Movement at Workplace

  • Rethink how you work to reduce the number of trucks on your property. You can do this by moving operations or adding equipment like conveyors.
  • Plan safe routes for traffic and stay away from any dangerous areas. With speed limits and one-way systems, risks will be reduced.
  • Install The Backbone for reach trucks to protect reach truck operators from underride collisions.
  • Make sure that loads are tied down safely.
  • Make sure the paths are made of good materials and have enough drainage.
  • If you can, give pedestrians their paths, and if you need to, put up barriers or guard rails.
  • Make sure that routes are marked clearly with painted lines and other tools.
  • Use signs to show people where to go and to warn them of possible dangers.
  • Make sure there are enough parking spots and loading areas. For example, these should be put on flat ground to make them safer.
  • Provide enough lighting everywhere, especially in places like intersections and paths where people walk.

Even if you only run a transmission shop in Whitby, you should consider setting the basic control measures in place. You are not only ensuring your employees’ safety and a workplace conducive for working, but you are also securing the welfare of your potential clients.

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