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Car Blower

Car Blower Guide

When it comes to keeping your car clean, there are plenty of things you need to worry about, like ice buildup and rust prevention. But if you’re interested in keeping your car looking spick-and-span, it’s also important to consider the interior detailing. Many people spend time washing the outside of their cars but neglect the inside. To help you choose the best Car Blower and dryers to keep your vehicle fresh, read on for our comprehensive guide on car blowers and dryers.

Consider Your Needs

Not all car blowers are created equal, so it’s important to consider your needs before making a purchase. A cordless or rechargeable model is a great choice for portability and convenience, but it may not have as much power as a model that plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter. Likewise, you can buy a small handheld version that makes no noise at all, which is ideal if you have neighbours close by or people sleeping in your vehicle. In addition to choosing a specific product type, you also need to think about what features matter most to you. For example, some units come with multiple speeds and variable controls for blowing out moisture from hard-to-reach areas.

Electric Vs. Gas Vs. Cordless Car Blower

When you’re comparing gas-powered, electric-powered and cordless blowers, there are a few things to consider. First, how big is your driveway or garage? If it’s just one or two cars worth of space, you might want to go with a smaller electric model that won’t produce too much noise. A battery-operated blower can be useful if you have very limited storage space because they don’t require an extra power outlet—plus, they’re more convenient for anyone who doesn’t have access to your car outside of your driveway.

Power Source

When buying a car blower and dryer, it’s important to consider your power source options. Most handheld blowers and dryers use corded electric power; these types of blowers run off 120-volt current and can be used at home or in your garage. Cordless blowers use battery power and are portable, allowing you to clean even when there’s no nearby electrical outlet. Cordless car-blower combinations feature both gas-powered blower vacuums and electric air compressors that plug into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter port. If you need a self-contained system for vacuuming and drying your car or truck, you might prefer a wet/dry shop vacuum.


The Cubic Feet per Minute measurement helps indicate how much air a given blower will move. The more cubic feet of air it can push, typically, means a stronger motor and more power. It also indicates how fast an area can be dried or cleared of water, which is especially important for safety reasons in wet weather conditions. For example, a 15-cubic-foot-per-minute blower would be able to clear out a 1,000 square foot area within 12 minutes; that same task with a 5-cubic-foot blower would take 25 minutes.

Car Blower Maintenance

Car Blowers and dryers can be temperamental. If your blower or dryer is too dirty, it may not blow strong enough to keep you cool, and if it’s not cleaning effectively, you may feel like you’re sweating even more than normal. Check out the guide for caring for your car blower and dryer so that they continue to work well. Before purchasing a new blower or dryer, take some time to ensure that your current one is properly cared for—you might just need a replacement filter or maybe a new fan motor instead of an entirely new system.

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