Can You Learn Skateboarding By Yourself?

Yes, you can learn skateboarding by yourself. Even with a coach, you still need to learn the basics of skating on your own. It appears that no two people perform kickflips in the same way, and you must discover what works best for you. Skateboarding is a great way to learn about yourself.

If you already own a skateboard and the proper safety gear, these are the steps you need to follow to learn to skateboard.

1. First, Work on Your Stance

Look for a soft area, such as a patch of grass or a carpeted floor. Get familiar with your stance and the board’s texture now.

Find out if you like to walk with your left or right foot forward, or if you prefer to walk with both feet forward.

Be sure to bounce around a bit after you’re in the position to get a feel for how the board responds to your movement. Work on your balance and how you get on and off the board.

2. Fall

Alternatively, you can learn how to fall correctly. Let go of the fear of when you’re going to go down because you’re going to. You should also work on your form to reduce the risk of injury.

Stay flexible and try to roll out every fall to limit the damage done.

3. Skateboard on a Level Surface in Start

Put yourself in the position you practiced in step 1 and push off with only one foot and bring it back to the board. It’s time to experiment with a wide turn, pushing forward and feeling the board slowly guide you around.

A few passes through the wide turn and you’ll be ready to try a sharp turn. Lift the nose of your board slightly off the ground as you swing the board in the direction you want to go.

Practice stopping by dragging your back foot along the ground until you come to an end, which will help you learn how to stop.

4. Learn Stunts By Watching Other Skaters

To progress to the next level, you must first be able to stay on your board and turn without falling over.

This entails spending time at skate parks and watching more seasoned skaters do their best tricks and stunts. As you watch, consider how you can put what you’ve learned to use in your own life.

5. It’s Time to Go and Skate!

A few simple feats may be performed while standing on a board and pushing off. To progress, you’ll need to make new pals at the skate park, and you may do that now.

Find skaters who are intermediate to advanced and ask if they’ll teach you how to perform what they just did. You’ll be skating buddies in no time!


Skateboarding might be a trial-and-error process, but if you take your time and practice these basic techniques, you will soon be a pro.

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