Can You Hide A Follower On Instagram? – Here Is the Easiest Way to Do It

Hide A Follower On Instagram

Having a social media presence has become an important part of almost everyone. We share our achievements, successes and challenges on social media. We also try to educate other people and just make fun with the people we know and those we don’t.  The social media crave continues to rise as this is where news is broken, goods and services are advertised and more. This is the reason why enterprises, promoters and brand influences opt to buy Instagram followers to help them expand their reach.

What is considered private or public

Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms have blurred the lines about what is considered private or public information. Because of that, you will need to hire some information from the public eye. Maybe on Instagram, you will want to hide your following list, or your followers, so how do you do that?

Hiding your Instagram followers

So, if you want to, can you hide your Following and your Followers list on Instagram? Unfortunately, this is not possible, and no feature or functionality has been developed to help you do that. The real numbers about who follows you and who you are following will always be visible.

Regardless of the type of account that you have, you will not be able to hide your followers. This is one of the areas where Instagram is uncompromising. But if you look at it closely, this may make some sense. It would not make any business sense when you hide the list of the Followers and Following and let the users to speculate.

But even this is the case; there are a few things which you can do to manage the people who can have access to your account.

Managing your visibility

The amount of imprints that you would normally leave on the web is huge, and for most people, this is not what they think about. There is a lot of information that you leave, in the form of texts, photos and more. Conversely, you can’t control what other people post. Unless you are a business, a brand or an online influencer, it is advisable that you change your profile from public to private. Follow these simple steps to make your Instagram profile private.

  • Open Instagram on your device.
  • Open Instagram on your mobile device.
  • Go to profile settings then the 3 vertical dots on the right side.
  • Go to Privacy, then  to Account Privacy
  • Toggle the switch rightwards to turn on Private Account.

This simple trick also works for the Instagram web. By changing to a private account, people who want to follow you can send requests, so you can review them and choose a few that you may want to share information on your profile. This covers those in your Followers and also in the Following list.

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