Blue World City Islamabad is an affordable yet luxurious housing society located next to the Chakri Interchange and Rawalpindi Ring Road. It is jointly developed by Blue Group of Companies, Imperium Group of Companies, and Shan Jian company.

It is situated right next to the Chakri Interchange and close to the project for Rawalpindi Ring Road, which is easily accessible to those living in twin towns.

Blue World City Blue World City has become a household name on the market in a short period of time, and investors have put their sights on the project. If you’re looking for an investment that is secure and has an excellent return, it is among the top alternatives near Capital.

Blue World City Islamabad (Project Highlights):

Every aspect of this project makes it more attractive and appealing to investors. Its location provides you with access to Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and the M-2 Lahore-Islamabad highway.

The range of options it has It is a wide variety of properties, including blocks, general block Apartments, Awami blocks, and farmhouses.

This is a true project for everyone. It even features an internal public transportation system as well as a generator to ensure that The Blue World City is always glowing. A lavish township with every facility you could need and extravagant living.

Blue World City, A New Lifestyle In The Twin Towns:

The expectation is the main thing that makes people feel low over the housing societies’ projects, but Blue World City Islamabad offers more than you would expect and at an affordable price.

The community will have a security gate that will have all the essential amenities such as gas, water, and electricity, which will be all available 24 hours per day. The electric distribution system will have to be underground, and this improves the aesthetics and security of the development.

The entire development plan is being implemented with the assistance of a well-known Chinese firm, which is announcing the world’s standard infrastructure.

Blue World City Location:

The location of Blue World City is situated on the main Chakri Road near Chakri Interchange. It is easily accessible from M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Highway. This is a massive project that is coming with all the essential amenities that will provide a luxurious lifestyle and a great site.

The most important aspect of the project site can be its access. It is essential that the location is accessible yet is still away from global disturbances. The Blue World City has that place for you. It’s situated on the Main Chakri road, just following the Chakri Interchange. It is located near a place that is within only a few minutes’ drive of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and the newly constructed Islamabad International Airport.

Nearby Places & Landmarks:

Another advantage of the blue world city Islamabad is its accessibility. The development is relatively new to the city, but it already has recognition on the market due to its ease of access to every location within Rawalpindi as well as Islamabad within 30 minutes of driving.

It’s on an area that is on the Chakri Road right after the Chakri interchange. This makes it an easy drive of 30 minutes from Islamabad, New Islamabad International Airport as well as Rawalpindi.

In terms of specific locations, It is just within a couple of minutes from the M2 Toll Plaza Chakri, Rawalpindi Race Club, and Rawalpindi Parial Hunting Club. Saddar Rawalpindi, Defense Housing Authority Islamabad, Bahria Town Rawalpindi, Rawat, and N-5 GT Road are just a one-hour drive away from The Blue World City.

Blue World City NOC:

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Blue World City is approved by the District Council Rawalpindi. The first thing that investors would like to learn about development will be its NOC. The positive reason is The Blue World City Islamabad NOC is already approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority against the Vide Letter no. RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR-10/148. Dated: 19-02-2019 for 427 Kanal of Land.

The project’s developers are currently finishing all legal requirements to obtain and obtain the NOC for Blue World City’s remaining portion. The developers are hopeful of receiving the NOC for the remaining portion in the near future, which does not hinder people from investing in Blue World City. Once the NOC is granted, early investors will get their slice of cake.

Blue world City Owner & Developers:

In terms of their owners, Blue Group of Companies is an enviable name for the industry in Lahore, and with this venture, they’ve already made a mark in their vision of Islamabad. The founder, Saad, is the owner. Saad has a web of a company that comprises real estate developments, marketing architectural design, and service as well as construction help with IT and IT-related issues, as well as commercial printing along with retail outlets.

The company was founded in 1989 in Lahore, and since then, they’ve been on the rise and earned its mark among the top real estate developers in the nation. The constant expansion and variety in their operations make them knowledgeable about the field they work in, and this is among the major reasons why investors believe in their plans because they are able to handle all tasks on their own.

Previous Property Projects By BGC:

The Blue Group of Companies has an extensive business network that includes marketing and real estate development and is currently operating under two distinct names Blue Properties and Blue Palms, which are sub-branches from Blue Brick. Blue Brick project.

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore and PIA officers Employees Housing Society are one of the well-known developments in real estate undertaken by BGC.

Blue Brick Blue Brick was initially a service that provided architectural advice. However, the business has grown to include real property development and marketing for commercial and residential properties.

Blue World City Master Plan:

In relation to its master plan In terms of its master plan, the Blue World City developers have signed MoUs with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company to help design BWC in the most advanced housing societies based on technology in Pakistan.

BWC’s BWC architectural services are internationally renowned, and, with Chinese experts’ assistance, they are sure to create an outstanding housing society. Investors trust developers that they’ll maximize the space and the site they are given.

The project is suitable for any investor and prospective residents since it is comprised of a number of blocks with different and affordable prices with all the necessary amenities. The project comprises Overseas Block, General Block, Premium Block, Awami Affordable Housing, as well as commercial investment opportunities of different sizes.

The most impressive thing about the master plan for the project is its road system. It includes the main boulevard of 120 feet as well as the main road that measures 80 feet and a street road of 40 feet. The structure, design as well as master plan are very appealing.


The commercial plots consist comprised of two categories: Marla land 05 and 08. The project is currently under development, and investors anticipate a greater variety of commercial plots. In the residential plots, there are 05, 08, and 10 Marla plots, as well as 01-02 Kanal land in the General Block.

In the Block overseas, BWC is offering 07 10, 14, Marla plots, as well as 01-02 Kanal land. For Awami block investors, Blue world City includes two types in terms of 3.5 Marla plots and apartments in 3 sizes: studios, 1 as well as 2 bedroom family homes.

Blue World City Overseas Block:

If you’re an out of town Pakistani and are looking for a perfect housing community that is not only packed with amenities and lavish life but an ideal investment opportunity that is just an only a few minute’s drive from Islamabad, The Blue World City Islamabad is the solution to all of your questions.

They have a separate block specifically for people from overseas called Overseas Block. It has an assortment of plots, starting from seven Marla up to two Kanal. Pick the one that suits you best and build your dream house in Pakistan.

Payment Plan of Overseas Block Blue World City:

If you want to buy seven Marla plots, you’ll be required to pay 154,000 rupees per month as an initial deposit and 5% of the total cost for plot confirmation and the 40 installments per month of 15400 Rand 7,700 eight half-yearly installments. This is a total of 1,540,000.

To purchase 10-acre Marla plots, you’ll need to pay 214.500, a down payment of 5 percent of the total cost for plot confirmation, and 40 monthly installments totaling 21,500 Rs/ and 107.250 eight half-yearly installments for a total of 2,145,000.

To purchase fourteen Marla plots, you’ll be required to pay 280,000 rupees a downpayment and 5% of the cost total as plot confirmation with forty monthly payments of 28,000 rupees and 140,000 8 half-yearly installments. This is an amount of 2,800,000.

If you want to purchase the 1 Kanal plot, you’ll be required to pay 385,000 rupees per month as a down payment of 5 percent of the cost total as plot confirmation and 40 monthly installments of 38,500 Rs/192,500 semi-annual installments of eight, which amounts to a total of 1,540,000.

Suppose you are interested in two Kanal plots. In that case, you’ll be required to pay 616,000 rupees per month as an initial deposit and 5% of the total cost for plot confirmation and 40 monthly installments of 61600 Rs and 308,000 half-yearly installments, making an amount of 1,540,000.


Overseas blocks will be able to access an exclusive gate that is located at the main entryway of the society. It is linked to an access road called the Main Chakri Road and is extremely popular with foreign and national investors.

Residents of the overseas Block will enjoy the most stunning views of their home and will have access to full-time support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They’ll be closest to Pakistan’s biggest water theme park, as well as other attractions in the town.

The Block for overseas residents is intended for the foreign Pakistanis who are looking for an ideal housing community with all the amenities. The amount of residential and commercial plots within the overseas Block is very limited and will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Therefore, don’t delay and make your plot the earliest you can.


A farmhouse for sale is the ultimate goal for all, and it is a dream to live in such an idyllic place that is far from the hustle of city life and yet close to cities such as Islamabad as well as Rawalpindi. The only Blue World City farmhouses offer the possibility of this. The farmsteads in 08 and 04 Kanal land are waiting for you.

There is no more perfect spot for a family picnic than this one, as Blue World City itself offers every convenience and comfort within your reach. Make the most of this opportunity, and don’t miss it in the event that you would like to own an estate close to Islamabad.

Location of Blue Hills Farm Houses:

In relation to Blue Hills Farm Houses, it is located in the site’s most natural and natural setting. From here, the views are breathtaking and refreshing.

The streams of water flow through, and you be in a peaceful and comfortable environment that makes your life more of meaning.

Location of the General Block:

General Block General Block is among the blocks that are most sought-after in Blue World City Islamabad. It’s the second-largest Block, and the rise in demand has forced builders to increase the size of the Block. The high-speed road network and the availability of utilities 24/7, and the luxurious lifestyle have made it a popular choice for investors.

It is the central Block in the township that is surrounded by commercial zones and overseas blocks, as well as Awami affordable housing. It will be linked with the Main entry and Overseas Block via Boulevard. It is possible to go to Blue World City Islamabad Payment Plan for rates.

Payment Plan of Blue Hills Country Farm:

The cost of the overall Block will be as follows.

In order to purchase five Marla plots, you’ll need to pay 99,000 Rs per month as an initial deposit and 40 monthly installments totaling 10,901 rupees and 69,370 half-yearly installments of 89,370 for a total of 1,090,000.

To purchase 8 Marla plots, you’ll need to pay 126.500 Rs per month as an initial deposit and 40 monthly installments totalling 13,915 rupees and 88.550 half-yearly payments 88.550, which amounts to 1,391,500.

If you want to purchase 10 Marla plots, you’ll be required to pay 152,000 rupees for an initial deposit as well as 40 monthly installments totaling 16,720 Rs/ and 106,400 Rs for eight half-yearly installments, which is a total of 1,672,000.

If you want to purchase a one Kanal plot, you’ll need to pay 280,000 Rs per month as a down payment and forty monthly payments of 28,000 rupees and 175,000 half-yearly installments, making an amount of 2,800,000.

If you want to buy two Kanal plots, you’ll be required to pay 540,000 rupees for an initial deposit with 40 monthly installments of 61.010 Rs. and 308,700 semi-annual installments of eight, which amounts to 5,450,000.

For five Marla commercial plots in the General Block, you will be required to pay 600,000 rupees per month as a down payment and the 40 installments per month of 60,000 rupees and 532,000 half-yearly installments, making 750,000.

Location of the Executive Block:

Executive Block is known as Premium Block. Prices for the Block are not disclosed. However, it has been extended from its initial size, which shows investors’ keenness to invest in Premium Block. Premium Block.

It is linked to the main entry point, General Block, and Overseas Block via the Main boulevard. It is anticipated that this Block could be extended further.

Payment Plan of Executive Block Blue World City:

Awami Low-cost Housing:

The project provides affordable plots and apartments, and we advise you not to miss out on this opportunity. The cost is as follows.

To purchase the 3.5 Marla plot, you must pay 59,400 dollars as a down payment and a fee for plot verification of 34,600 and forty monthly payments of 7,700 rupees and 27,500 half-yearly installments which is a total of 594,400.

The Awami affordable housing provides an array of apartments priced at the following rates.

For Studio Apartments of 375 sq feet, you’ll need to pay 159,000 rupees as a down payment and sixty monthly payments of 23,850 rupees per quarter, 20 weekly installments of 71,550 rupees, and that’s a total of 1,890,000.

For a 1-bed family unit that is 550 square feet, you’ll need to pay 189,000 Rs as a down payment. Sixty monthly payments of 28350 rupees/, 20 monthly installments of 85,050 rupees, and that’s an amount of 2190,000.

For a 2-bed family unit that is 830 sq feet, you’ll have to pay 229,000 rupees as a down payment. Sixty monthly installments of 34350 Rs/, 20 monthly installments of 103,050 rupees which is an amount of 2,590,000.


You can reserve your plot while you are in comfort at your home. The latest online technology and connectivity have made the process simpler.

In this scenario, all you need is a phone that has a good camera. You can take excellent photos of the following documents and WhatsApp the details to Etimaad International. You can leave the rest to the phone.

  • CNIC
  • Nominee CNIC
  • Picture
  • Email ID
  • Contact Number
  • Address
  • Domicile District
  • Occupation

The proof of payment to the firm’s Bank accounts Via Online transfer

It is now time for Etimaad Internationals, and you will be notified of your plot reservation.


The company has made booking simpler since there isn’t a need for papers, but you can have your plot booked using these documents.

  • The ID of the buyer’s ID card
  • 2x passport size pictures
  • Pay down in cash or a cheque/Pay order

There is an additional 10% cost if you’re considering purchasing an area of land that is cornered or in the boulevard. You’ll have to pay an additional 15% when you purchase an undeveloped plot that is located along the boulevard. I doubt that any investor will be able to determine the cost when they take possession of these plots.

There will be a 10 percent discount if you pay for the entire amount at the time of booking. You can also get 5% off if you pay half the amount as an advance payment.


The blue world city developers are extremely serious about their work. If you go to the website, you can see daily progress in society.

The foundation that forms Gate No. 02 is completed and is expected to be finished within about a month or so, and the main entrance has been finished with a stunning design and is reminiscent of Chinese architecture.

The foundation work for the loop road that runs around Water park has been completed, and, very soon, we will see more improvements in that. The carpeting of several roads will begin within a few weeks since the foundation work has been completed on numerous roads.

The entire area is busy during the process of development as when you go to the site. You’ll observe heavy equipment working around every corner, creating road bases as well as leveling plots as well as sewerage pipes.

The construction of Villas is moving at a rapid pace, and a lot is expected to be completed in gray structure in a matter of a month. The development is currently in the full-on loop and at an extremely satisfactory scale within Islamabad. Blue World City Islamabad.


If you’ve read this article, I am sure you have already decided to purchase one of the blocks mentioned above in Blue World City Islamabad. It will be a town of its own after a couple of years. You will be close to all way to or out of the region. You’ll be part of the elegant lifestyle of Islamabad and will be connected to the opportunities in Rawalpindi.

The project is half NOC completed, and the remaining is in the process of completing legal procedures, which is the perfect timing to invest in the project as when it has reached a complete agreement, the cost will rise, and you’ll be to benefit when you make a purchase today.


Islamabad is filled with scenic and stunning sights. This Blue World City is going to add some additional destinations to your list the next time you’re in Islamabad.

That is what makes BWC an essential stop for residents of twin towns. It also the market that it operates in is in huge demand.


The project is backed by the support of a well-known Pakistani business company as developers and owners. However, they also have Chinese partners with a renowned Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company to consult with, which will create The Blue World City fully equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure that is the global standard.

A massive influx of Chinese engineers and technicians is anticipated to arrive in Pakistan over the next few years, and BWC could be home to 10,000 of them.


In summation, all that has been said to date. It is clear that Blue World City has knowledgeable and responsible developers with previous excellent experience in the field of architectural design and advanced engineering.

These experienced developers are joined by an international business that is based in China called Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company, which is designing the project using contemporary technology and touch. We would like to thank the investor and encourage you to take full advantage of the chances since once the complete NOC is approved and will soon be accepted, you will be able to see various prices and competition for your dream property within Blue World City, Islamabad. Features like location, well-known developers, and the vicinity of other world-class housing societies such as Kingdom Valley Islamabad makes it an exclusive housing opportunity

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