Betting System: How This Game Mode Works

Betting System How This Game ModeWorks

But let’s finally get to the point. A betting system is a ticket in which all the entered events are played with each other in every possible combination, depending on the number of predictions you want to play as the number of events entered increases. The combinations and the amount to be placed increase, as each combination requires a bet.

Placing a betting system is similar to placing an accumulator. The second phase consists of the calculation (to be done through a specific tool called odds calculator and which they will talk about later) of the potential winnings. This is done considering all possible scenarios (errors on one or more bets and on which of them).

Based on the numbers, you will be able to choose the sum to invest, both in total and by column: in this way, you will understand if the system suits you. Therefore, you will only have to wait for the results: they will bring home a good sum if fate has assisted you. Otherwise, they will hopefully be able to conclude the bet on the positive side.

Systems vs. single vs. multiple: the differences

A betting system is nothing more than one of the three-game modes with which a bet can be placed. There are obvious differences between single and multiple the other two modes. A single chance is a straightforward prediction of a single sporting event. It has 50% of winning but a multiplier, and therefore a lower profit.

If there are three or more events on the ticket, you can choose whether to play in multiple or system mode. The main differences are summarized in the info graphic above. Here you limit yourselves to saying that the winnings are more substantial because they insert more events, the odds of which are multiplied with each other. However, the great distinction is that in the multiple, you have to hit all the events (the chances of winning are therefore considerably lower). At the same time, there is a margin of error (one or two occasions, usually). The downside, however, is that a larger budget is needed.

The betting and winning limits

Compared to multiple or single bets, the betting system has some substantial differences regarding the betting and winning limits. Let’s start with the latter: if, for the other types of bets, the maximum that could be won was Rs.10, 000, this sum was set at Rs for systematic bets. 50,000 by the Customs and Monopoly Agency, in line with the higher initial investment and the higher complexity of the coupon.

It also establishes the minimum bet amount, which is set at Rs for all three types of bet. 500. What every single online bookmaker can choose is, if anything, the amount of the minimum bet for each “column” of the system, or in fact, for every single prediction that makes it up. 

The types of betting systems

At the beginning of this in-depth page on the betting system, betting odds Kenya mentioned that there are different types of betting systems, to be exact 9, defined with picturesque names based on the number of events on the ticket.

The importance of the odds calculator

An electronic odds calculator is a very useful tool when choosing to play a betting system, the odds calculator. It is online software (both free and paid ones, with the entries translated into Italian) consisting of a series of fields in which the event quotas and the amount to invest per column must be entered.

The calculator will allow us to understand how many successful betting odds Kenya will make margin concerning the initial investment and how to divide your budget. Considering all the possible variables, you will have the net gain available in a few seconds, case by case.

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