Best Nature Documentaries to Stream with Optimum On-Demand

Nature documentaries and movies provide a window into the awe-inspiring intricacy and beauty of our natural world. They allow us to travel to remote areas, see fascinating animal behaviors, and gain a deeper understanding of the fragile natural balance. With Optimum Internet Plans and Optimum On-Demand, you may virtually explore the wonders of nature without ever leaving your home. 

We have curated a list of the best nature documentaries available for streaming, guaranteeing an enriching and awe-inspiring experience that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for our planet. So, let’s jump in:

Our Planet – 2019

The narrator of the truly beautiful and poignant documentary series Our Planet is Sir David Attenborough. It draws attention to the astounding diversity of life on Earth and the urgent need for conservation initiatives. In addition to being a work of visual art, the series serves as a call to action for the preservation of the planet’s natural resources.

Planet Earth – 2006

Starring Sir David Attenborough, Planet Earth is a revolutionary television series that celebrates the diversity and beauty of our planet. 

Thanks to its breathtaking high-definition cinematography, this documentary transports you on a global tour of the natural world’s treasures, from the freezing home of polar bears to the lush rainforests of the Amazon.

Winged Migration – 2001

The outstanding movie Winged Migration offers a thorough and engrossing look into the global patterns of avian migration. The stunning imagery in the movie depicts the incredible adventures of these avian explorers and provides a novel viewpoint on the difficulties they encounter during their migrations.

March of the Penguins – 2005

Morgan Freeman narrates this endearing and amazing documentary, which explores the incredible narrative of the periodic migration of Emperor penguins in Antarctica. March of the Penguins provides an up-close look at the struggles and tenacity these amazing animals face as they travel across the icy tundra in quest of a mate and to care for their young.

Blue Planet II – 2017

Blue Planet II, anchored by Sir David Attenborough, explores the secrets of our planet’s oceans. This documentary provides viewers with an amazing variety of aquatic life, from the beautiful coral reef species to the captivating dolphin dance, as it explores the uncharted areas of the world’s waters. Its underwater photography is unmatched.

Chasing Coral – 2017

The captivating movie Chasing Coral transports you to a place where you may observe the startling global collapse in coral reefs. The movie, directed by Jeff Orlowski, demonstrates the dire consequences that coral bleaching and climate change have on these delicate ecosystems. 

Available with Optimum packages, Chasing Coral is a help request that begs us to take immediate action to protect our oceans.

Virunga – 2014

The engrossing documentary Virunga sheds light on the preservation initiatives underway in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Virunga National Park. The movie looks at the difficulties park rangers have in attempting to keep the park’s critically endangered mountain gorillas and its delicate ecosystem safe in the face of poaching and political unrest.

Cove – 2009

The documentary The Cove explores the contentious practice of dolphin hunting in Taiji, Japan, and is both fascinating and educational. 

The movie tracks a group of moviemakers and activists as they expose the unseen atrocities in this business. The significance of protecting the oceans and treating marine life humanely is emphasized in The Cove so you must watch it even with any other provider than Optimum such as Spectrum deals.

Biggest Little Farm – 2008

A couple is followed in the endearing and motivational documentary The Biggest Little Farm as they attempt to establish a sustainable and biodiverse farm in Southern California. The movie provides insightful information about regenerative agriculture and the necessity of collaborating with the environment to build a strong ecosystem.

Jane – 2017

The documentary Jane offers a comprehensive, close-up, and detailed look at the life and ground-breaking research of well-known primatologist Jane Goodall. Using never-before-seen footage, the movie, directed by Brett Morgen, follows chimpanzee researcher and activist Jane Goodall as she journeys throughout Africa. 

The documentary pays heartfelt homage to an extraordinary woman whose life has been devoted to the study and preservation of monkeys.

Blackfish – 2013

Blackfish explores the topic of killer whales kept in amusement parks in an insightful and profoundly moving manner. It mostly tells the tale of Tilikum, an orca kept at SeaWorld. The movie examines the catastrophic events that have happened as well as the moral and ethical dilemmas brought on by retaining these highly intelligent and gregarious animals in captivity. 

Blackfish is a movie that can spark meaningful discussions on animal rights and how entertainment affects marine mammal life.

Final Thoughts – Which One to Watch?

Nature documentaries have the potential to go to the most remote parts of the world, beneath the ocean’s surface, and into the lives of the incredible creatures that inhabit our planet. 

With Optimum On-Demand, you may enjoy a visual trip through the beauties of nature and learn about the importance of conservation and the planet’s biodiversity. These carefully selected documentaries offer the perfect blend of inspiration, knowledge, and fun, making them the perfect choice for your next streaming excursion. 

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