Benefits of Online CPR Training

Research revealed that several people get a cardiac arrest, but 90% of the victims die before reaching a medical facility for help. It only takes around 5 minutes for the brain damage to occur.

Anyway, if cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is given within two minutes of the brain attack, the survival chances increase to about 100%. CPR is the only source of hope for any cardiac victim before health providers arrive. It trickles down to stating the benefits of Free Online CPR Certification and online first aid certification.

If you’re interested in getting certified for Online CPR, continue reading to learn more about the benefits of online CPR training.

Online CPR Certification

Online certification is the digital way of learning CPR. In this digital era, learning some skills is as easy as clicking your laptop or phone keyboard. Many organizations offer free or charged online classes to help you get certified.

It’s the shortest class since it only takes a few hours a day, but you might end up becoming a much-needed skill for some people.

How Does Online CPR Training Work?

A standard online training lesson is typically composed of video lectures, and passionate instructors deliver the teachings with a better understanding of the unit they’re teaching. Immediately after completing the online course, you’ll be issued a digital certification.

These organizations offering Online CPR training usually accept 100% of the applicants. Nevertheless, there are some industries and professions where these skills practice is mandatory before actual employment.

To this point, blended types bridge the space by adding skills evaluation. The skill evaluation is generally met when some students are elected to meet the typical skill evaluator. Now that you’ve learned how online training works let us jump to why you may not choose to get certified online.

Why you Need Online CPR Certification

To answer your question about why you need online CPR training, let’s review its pros.

Digital Certification

You can access your training tools and certification anytime when you’re issued with this certification. Misplacement of a card is no longer an issue in this case, as you only need to log into your account and print the certificate.


Online CPR training is self-paced as it allows you to decide when to start and take the test for your certification. It’s up to you to decide whether learn in breaks or in one sitting because you can tailor your learning style.


You can access training anytime when you’re free or even reschedule your learning plans when you’re busy. Furthermore, the trainers will always be available to give their best.

Probably asking yourself what you should consider before taking the training, well, continue reading.

What Should you look for in Online CPR Training Programs?

As a person interested in the Online CPR Training program, you should select a program that best suit your priorities. Consider the below factors;

·         Is the training accredited?

·         Are you able to preview the sample of the training program?

·         How much does it cost, and what does that include?

Benefits of Online CPR Training

Here are some of the benefits;

·         You’ll be considered a hero in times of medical emergencies where your skills are needed because few people can handle cardiac arrest emergencies.

·         Few people know how to deal with Sudden Cardiac Arrest accurately, and your lifesaving skills might be needed if you’re on the scene of such an emergency.

·         In case of a vacancy, you might be hired as CPR-certified personnel in any organization.

·         Acquisition of Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and CPR skills will earn you a sense of importance, achievement, and value for people in any group.

Can you Get STI from CPR?

The frequently asked question by trainees is whether you get infected with sexually transmitted infections while offering CPR. The answer is easy, control measures such as barrier devices may reduce the risk of acquiring infectious diseases during this act.

Furthermore, post-exposure protocols will further protect rescuers.


It’s essential to ensure you enroll for Online CPR certification with qualified training organizations or centers. Whatever you learn during this session will be a lifetime skill adding a personal sense of value.

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