Benefits Of 3-Sided Trade Show Table Covers

Are you preparing for your first trade show? Do you have everything you need to attract people to your booth and, hopefully, your product?

When it comes to having a successful trade show, the appearance of your display is everything. Most trade show venues aren’t going to provide you with more than a folding table, a couple of folding chairs, and a plain backdrop. You’re going to have to supply the rest!

That’s why Custom Banner Lab strives to provide the finest in banners, tents, and trade show table covers. We offer many different varieties of custom printed tablecloths, but today we’re going to discuss the benefits of one kind of tablecloth that often makes people a little confused: the 3-sided tablecloth.

This table cloth is exactly what it sounds like: a trade show table cover that hangs down to the floor on the front and on both sides, but is very short in the back. Why on earth would anyone want this style of tablecloth linens

Here are just a few reasons:

Stays Put All Day 

When you’re seated or standing behind the table talking with customers, you move around a lot, and it’s very easy to pull your custom tablecloth out of place with your feet. With the short side in the back, the cloth stays out of your way all day.

Access Under Table Storage

The underside of the table is valuable storage space in a crowded booth. With the short side of the cloth facing you, you can have easy access to your supplies without disrupting the whole table.

Never Accidentally Put It On Backwards

This may seem trivial, but aren’t trade shows stressful enough without suddenly realizing you’ve set up your whole table on a backwards table cloth? With a shorter third panel, you always know which side of your trade show table cover goes in the back.

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