Avoid 4 Basic Website Design Mistakes to Increase Web Traffic 

Right now, website design is a must for increasing web traffic to find better place in Google algorithm. Through your e-commerce portal, people will review and evaluate your products/services. When you optimize web pages, you should avoid four basic mistakes at all costs. You should be fair with perfect plans and new ideas to do the proper website optimization to have more customers in the long run.

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  • Avoid Content Plagiarism: Online customers are bored and frustrated to read the same content. They want more attractive catchy and meaningful phrases/keywords/and simple terms to understand the objectives of business owners. Therefore, you must not use copied text, and complicated long words which are not readable. In addition, break the paragraphs into small ones with short subheadings. Online viewers are excited to check the blogs or articles which are not lengthy. Go for free Instagram followers trial program to have advantages of increasing Ins visitors to your site.
  • White Space Seems to Disappear: Jam packed web pages are dull to look. Due to save the bandwidth in the web pages, often webmasters or content writers like to remove blank or white space between the paras and words to make it short. Well, when you have sufficient time to cross check every single webpage meticulously, this type of long space is embarrassing. Eyes of the readers sit on the words with deep white space. You should not make mistake to reset the content with little white space. However, when customers are hurried to check bundles of topics and examples, they are confused what to look at. So utilize the whitespace to attract their eyes on the specific email links, or any reference materials. You have to make your website acceptable to online viewers.
  • No Call to Action Visible: Be professional to design e-commerce website for earning more SERP rates plus “likes” from various clients/customers. They will click mouse to rank your sites on top SEO portals. However, don’t allow your customers to guess what you need to express or offer. It causes misconception and myth. You should be frank and straightforward to deliver your messages. Call to Action section should not be invisible. Customers must have confidence to go through the articles or blogs posted on your website. In this connection, give free trials options to download informative brochures and e-books to know about products you are going to launch.
  • Your Website Not Compatible with Mobile Phone: Customers are using their smart phones for product buying, email sending, video download, and content management as well. They are interested to keep their smart phones on round the clock to have current updates about new products promotion. Well, you must not go back in despair. You have to innovate your websites which must be compatible with mobilephones. Better to say, the cross device compatibility of your latest websites must be unique to help online customers to open the sites on their iphones/cell phones/ipads easily. So, remove junk documents and large landscape pictures to upgrade the home pages. Short and precise content display fantastically on tiny screen of the feature rich mobile phone. Online site viewing rates will skyrocket if you are able to make your websites compatible with multiple mobile devices. Prevent Instagram followers hack if you want organic Ins web traffic to pull up site’s rank. Always search for real bot-free likes generated by real Instragram followers.

In this connection, you must ask top site designers and professional SEO to offer tips to improve the sitedecoration to catch new customers within short span of time.

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