Upper Dolpo is one of the most affluent treks in Nepal. Due to the price of transportation, time and effort required to get there, Dolpo is one of the places that is least visited.

A little less than five thousand residents reside at upper Dolpo in the vast landscape. The gigantic Dhaulagiri as well as Annapurna are in the background of Dolpo.

The Highlights of Upper Dolpo Trek

 The whole trip to Dolpo Nepal is an adventure in the remote landscape areas as well as traditional practices of culture that have been in practice over many thousands of years. While trekking from Lower Dolpo to Even Jomsom Mustang via Upper Part of Dolpo, Great Himalaya Trail Route,

 you can experience some of the typical culture, Bhotia, Tibetan Origin, and different ethical people their lifestyle. In the region above the lower and upper Dolpo It will be as though you’re in a totally different world. 

There are remote regions that are away from the contemporary world. You can feel the distant beauty of the countryside.

It is possible to see the wildness of nature at its most beautiful here. It is the least developed area in Nepal. A combination of Upper Dolpo and Jomsom Mustang trek could be potential plan since the trekkers are already dream to be in Dolpo.

While trekking requires more time and money away from your life, the experience will give an even greater return to you.

Things that should not be missing out in Upper Dolpo

1, The Home of Snow Leopards – Upper Dolpo is the best places for Snow Leopard in the Himalayas

2, Shey Phoksundo the National Park – A Remote Located National of Nepal has its rich in flora and Fauna, Herbs and Medicinal plants, Dense of Cone pine trees, Rhododendron etc.

3, Lake Phoksundo – One of the Dippiest Lake of Nepal is an alpine fresh water oligotrophic lake located at the elevation of 3611 meters above the sea level.

4, A friary dating back to 800 years is known as Shey Gompa is located at the foot of Crystal Mountain

5, The Yarchagumba World- See the beautiful the Yarchagumba (caterpillar fungus that is sought-after in China because of its medicinal properties) as it is one of the most expensive medicinal plants and kind of larva.

The Upper Dolpo Trek Overview

Trek duration: 10 Days to 25 days depending on the length of route

Maximum height: 5,151 meters

Starting/Ending Points of Trek:  Juphal, Jomsom, Dhorpatan, Jumla

Difficulty Level: Challenging

The best season: Mid of Spring to end Summer and Autumn

Trek style: Fully Camping/Tented Camp, A few places can be found local house

How to get Upper Dolpo?

The first step is to arrive at Nepalgunj. It is located at 150m, and is a hot and humid area.

You will then travel to Juphal by plane in Dolpo district. The journey begins here.

Many people choose to fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. Travelers can reach to Nepalgunj by Scheduled Bus and Private Transfer if they prefer for a bit long journey.

The Treks to Upper Dolpo organized by Tour (agency like Himalayan Trekkers) operators begin their journeys in Kathmandu as it is mandatory to trek with Trek agency due to group trek in Nepal and controlled by Government of Nepal.

Delays and cancellations of flights are not uncommon due to bad weather.

To get to in the Upper Dolpo region from Juphal airport, you need 10 days of walking.

The difficulty of an excursion to Upper Dolpo

If you’re a novice and you are planning to visit Nepal in the beginning, the trek is not ideal for you. The trek is strenuous and the difficulty level is high.

It can take between 10 and 25 days to complete the hike. It’s a tough hike, and you’ll need plenty of energy to complete it. It’s ideal if you had the strength both mentally and physically to face the immense challenge.

It is necessary to walk up to nine hours a day, and climb over 5000 meters. Additionally, you must stay up to 4000 meters over a few days.

The experience is fun when you are mentally and physically well-rested.

Accommodations and foods while trekking in Dolpo

There is a lack of food products in Upper Dolpo. It is difficult to find food stores in this area. There are some basic lodges or tea houses in some villages, however, you shouldn’t count on them.

You must stay inside your tented camp, However you can lucky if you stay a few days in local house with local family in upper parts of Dolpo, especially Saldang, Dho-Tarap, Ringmo,Dunai, Khoma ,Shimen, Tinje, Charkha, She Gomba etc.

Therefore, we recommend you have as the amount of food that you are able to And the Team of Himalayan Trekkers always prefer to organize tented/Camping trek for their Hikers in Dolpo where they are able to manage sufficient number of foods for Trekkers and Best possible comfort tented camp with their good equipment.

Culture and lifestyle of the people in Upper Dolpo

The people who live in the region are known as Dolpo-pa. They have in the past used to collect the salt of Tibet and then sold it to the lower regions of Nepal.

They are a major source of Yarchagumba during the summer months. Yarchagumba is an invasive caterpillar fungus that typically is found in grassy areas in high elevations.

Yarchagumba is a popular choice in China for its medicinal benefits.

Best time to trek Dolpo

Dolpo is mostly a rain-shadow region.

The spring time is ideal and autumn could be the best time to go to Dolpo.

The early spring and the late autumn could not be the ideal time to visit Upper Dolpo because there is an opportunity for a cascading waterfall. This makes traversing the passes that are higher more challenging.

Fitness and physical fitness required to hike to Dolpo

It requires a lot planning and preparation to get to the location in time.

You must have an entire day of preparation and planning before you take the correct route towards Dolpo. Dolpo trek.

Fitness is essential for enjoying you trekking. Physical and mental fitness will assure that your trip is full of fun and excitement.

It is essential to do the exercise of strength such as trekking, cardiovascular strengthening and stretching. Additionally, it is important to prepare mentally.

Equipment and equipment needed to operate Dolpo Trek

It is essential to pack your backpack for trekking correctly, and it should be light in weight and contain multi-purpose clothes things.

You should carry an appropriate warm jacket, hiking boots, water, and a windproof jacket which can be worn in layers and put on and taken off depending on the conditions.

sleeping bags for sleeping,

It is compulsory to hike Upper Dolpo with a guide and you don’t have to pack your tents.

We are The Himalayan Trekkers, provide you with sleeping bags, tents as well as other equipment.

Permit for entry to Dolpo trek

It’s best if you had a permit to travel into this restricted region of Nepal. It is priced at 500$ for the first ten days and 50$ for each day for each additional day following the initial 10 days.

If you decide to visit into the Shey-Phoksundo National Park, then you must pay the amount of Rs. 1000/USD 10.00.

Himalayan Trekkers can arrange everything you need and include these costs included in your trek.

Keep in mind that the permit requirements are extremely expensive, and the authorities cannot be trusted to trek without an accompanying guide. The Himalayan Trekkers are licensed and professional guides with years of expertise in the Himalayas. They are welcoming and relaxed.

We would love to trek in Nepal Himalaya you with.

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