All You Need to Know About Kumho Tires

Founded in 1960, Kumho is a renowned South Korean brand. The brand is comparatively new to the industry. The famous tire manufacturer has become one of the leading brands and is an OEM for some of the most renowned names from car manufacturers such as Dodge, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz, to name a few. The brand has an exciting variety of replacement tires. However, it offers limited options for mud-terrain and all-terrain tires. 

Kumho tires feature an innovative design built with premium quality material and plenty of advanced features. If you observe the car tyre prices in Abu Dhabiyou would find Kumho tires reasonably priced. They are not too costly or cheap. 

Kumho Tires – Features

Let’s discuss some features of the Kumho tire brand:


Kumho tires offer reasonable wear and tear. The durability is not what you would call industry-leading. The brand is adept at foreseeing its tires’ wear based on typical city driving. 


Kumho tires excel in delivering value. First of all, they are 30% to 40% cheaper than competing models. The reason for delivering value at a reasonable price is that the company never pushes the boundaries of the technology used in tire manufacturing. They take the existing design and cut costs by redesigning the manufacturing process. This helps them save cost and pass it on to the buyers. 

Packages & Performance

The performance of your rubber depends on the tires you buy. Each of them has different features and options. 

Kumho is present in over 180 countries, offering an average of 70 million other tire models each year. This parameter is sufficient to elaborate on the product quality. 

Kumho tires have an array of options available with high performance. Kumho Tires is a quality product that guarantees great speed on the roads. If you compare Kumho tires with tires from other brands, you would find that Kumho tires have outstanding advantages. This is the reason people trust this brand and it is chosen by users.

However, you should know that Kumho tires are not for everyone. If you consider the price aspect, it is natural to expect that there are going to be a few adjustments. We recommend Kumho tires for smaller vehicles. These tires are suitable for vans or light quarter-ton trucks. All in all, Kumho tires are great for road driving. When it comes to off-road driving, they may not be what you are looking for. 

So, reasonably priced, and good for road driving, Kumho tyres can be a good alternative for those looking to replace tires on a budget in UAE. If you live in Abu Dhabi and want to get tires for your car, there are online platforms that allow you to buy tires and get them fitted from any location that suits you the best and spread across different locations in the UAE. One such platform is Tire Shop Abu Dhabi, from where you can buy authentic Kumho tires, as well as from any other leading tire manufacturing brand for your car. They are reliable and authentic dealers of original branded tires in Abu Dhabi. 

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