A Simple Guide to Diamond Painting

custom diamond painting

Diamond painting has spread quickly worldwide from Asia, where it originated, mainly for its calming benefits. Are you just starting in the world of diamond painting? Or are you familiar with diamond painting, and are you here to learn more? Well, here’s a step-by-step guide.

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is like a combination of paint by numbers and cross-stitch. It is a creative art in which you apply colored diamond resins or ‘drills’ to paint the image on the canvas using an applicator or pen.

Why Diamond Painting?

Many people indulge in diamond painting due to several reasons. Some people find it therapeutic, and others use it to sharpen their focus. If you have ever worked on a diamond painting project, I am sure you will agree that while working on your canvas, your stress seems to have faded away, and it is a very satisfying hobby.

A step-by-step guide just for you

Get Your Kit!

The first step in diamond painting is to get your kit. There are kits for children and diamond painting kits for adults.
You should pick a kit that you are interested in and one that you will look forward to finishing.

Different kinds of diamond painting kits may overwhelm you as a beginner. I always recommend starting with a partial drill or round drill kit.
If you are not a beginner and are looking for more challenging kits, go for a canvas with larger sizes, or you could even go for a custom diamond painting.

A custom diamond painting makes your diamond painting by placing the diamonds in the marked positions on the sticky canvas. You are recreating your memories on a personalized canvas

Bring together Your Workplace

Now that you have picked your kit, it is time to organize your workplace. I recommend a well-lighted place, with a flat table and a comfortable chair. Also, bear in mind that if this is your first diamond painting project, it might take a few weeks to complete.

Check and Organize your Kit Supplies

Your diamond painting kit contains everything you need: a tweezer, the diamond beads in labeled bags, a tray for the diamonds, an applicator or a pen, and wax for the applicator. You also get a pre-painted canvas.
After cross-checking to see that you have all the tools needed, you need to separate the diamonds.
Use the ‘kit up’ method to organize the drills or diamonds. The kit-up process is pouring the diamond beads into a separate organizer with multiple compartments and then labeling each compartment with its code. You can use your applicator to pick up each drill without stress.

Lay your Canvas on the table

After laying your canvas on the table, proceed to peel the top layer of the canvas- if you are a beginner, peel off the top layer little per time so the adhesive of the canvas will not be affected.

Start Working on your Diamond Painting.

From your canvas, pick the corresponding color-coded diamonds and pour a small amount into your tray- make sure the diamonds are sitting right-side up so it will be easy for the applicator to pick up.
Remember to dab the applicator’s nib into the wax so it will be easier to pick up diamond beads from the tray to the canvas.
Always work in small sections before moving on to the next area.
Use your rolling pin if you have issues with a popping diamond to keep it in place.

Also, clean the canvas with the rush to remove the dust and seal it using a brush-on or spray sealer. Sealers will fix the diamonds in place so they won’t fall off with time.

Frame Your Artwork

This is the last step. Frame the completed diamond painting, and hang it on a wall.
Admire it, and show it off.

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