A Brief Guide Of Pod Vape

A pod vape is a mini vape based on a two-part system: a pod filled with vape juice that snaps into a small battery. They are available in pre-filled or refillable designs. Some will have power buttons but often they are automatic—meaning you just take a drag on them to produce vapor.

Most pod vapes—also referred to as vape pods, mini vapes, or pod systems—are designed for smokers transitioning into vaping. Although the ultimate in ease of use is something like a disposable e-cig, refillable pod vapes are almost a close second. They are often compact and lightweight, with a focus on simplicity and flexibility—made possible by being refillable.

Pods are also considered the best nic salt vapes, as their lower power output is a perfect fit for the higher strength of nicotine salts.

Types of pod systems

Pods have come a long way since first introduced with the JUUL back in 2015. While still fitting the general definition of what a pod vape is, today’s devices have pushed things forward in regards to features and capabilities. A best pod vape in 2022 will belong in one or more of these categories:

  • Standard pod system: a small button or draw activated vape that takes replaceable pods.
  • Pod AIO: a compact all-in-one device that takes pods with replaceable coils.
  • Pod mod: a usually larger pod-based vape with a fully-suited chipset and screen. Most pod mods are also AIOs, as they take replaceable coils.

A standard pod system can be further sorted into two categories: refillable and pre-filled. Each style comes with its own pros and cons. When purchasing a pod system, it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

  • Refillable pod systems:  these give you more freedom in terms of flavor. Also known as open system vapes, these devices utilize empty pods that are manually filled by the user. The main advantage to them is that you have a wider range of flavors at your disposal.
  • Pre-filled pod systems:  also referred to as closed system vapes, these vapes use pods that come prefilled with e-liquid—think of them as JUUL alternatives. Their main advantage is not having the complications of choosing the right e-liquid and having to fill them yourself.

How to use a pod system

Pod vapes are some of the easiest vapes to operate. This five step guide will cover the basics of using most pod vapes on the market.

  • Make sure the battery is fully charged.
  • If you’re using a refillable pod vape, fill it up with the e-liquid of your choice.
  • Allow at least 5-10 minutes for the wick to saturate.
  • Insert the pod firmly into the device. If your pod vape has an on / off function, make sure it’s on.
  • If your vape has adjustable airflow, make sure it’s adjusted to your preferred setting.
  • If your pod vape has a fire button, hold it while inhaling. If it does not, take a puff as if it were a regular cigarette.

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