Why Is Moonstone Called The Best Healing And Fashion Stone?

As much as the fashion world loves the pastel palette, we can’t resist a rich glow and all that shimmer. And although gemstones are beautifully sparkling, rarely do they occur in posh pastel hues. But thanks to moonstone, as it reveals what a beauty births when a pastel palette intertwines with a touch of sparkle. In fact, to say that moonstones are one such crystal of the gemstone realm that makes a healing journey “appealing” would deem fit. Not only do they demonstrate muted pastel hues but also bestow impressive curative blessings. Affordable, elegant, and healing – the moonstone is an iconic fashion statement for all the right reasons!

So, are you ready to slip on the moonstones, the fashionista way? Let’s find out what makes it the best fusion of healing and style:

Fashion with Moonstone – the story unfolds:

The story of fashion with moonstone dates back to the 60’s hippie era. The hippies in the 1960s refuted the contemporary American lifestyle and used moonstones to usher the change as they felt it gave them a not-so-ordinary look. Soon after, the new age era of the late ’90s marked the evolution of religious and spiritual practices. Ever since moonstones haven’t only been subjected to styling but also healing.

Healing with style – the benefits of wearing moonstone jewelry:

While there are different ways of incorporating a moonstone in your life, jewelry continues to top the list. The wholesale silver handmade jewelry dealers know – moonstone ornaments don’t only make you look great but also work incessantly to impart the many therapeutic boons of the gemstone in your life. Read below to find more reasons why you should start wearing moonstone studded jewelry:

  1. Keeps you in top form Moonstone cares about your physical wellness. It keeps your hormones in check while keeping you at bay from pregnancy and childbirth-linked issues. Ladies, take note!
  1. Promotes mental well-being – Just like the moon, moonstones soothe us too. And why not? After all, it is believed that they are formed of moonbeams. Thus, they hold all that robust lunar energy to foster mental well-being.
  1. Healer of last resort – When everything else fails, moonstone comes into play. Even the most downtrodden, dampened, hopeless humans, have found peace and meaning in their lives with the help of moonstone. In fact, just the mere sight of moonstone is believed to do wonders unimaginable!

Multiple occasions, one stunner – moonstone jewelry:

Now that you know why moonstone ornaments are great, allow us to help you with the recommendations too. Here’s a guide for using moonstone accessories on different occasions that will definitely make you want to raid the wholesale gemstone jewelry stores:

  • Date nights – Date nights are all about being an enchantress. So, get ready like one! Marry your off-shoulder black dress with a moonstone pendant and see how it makes your man weak on his knees. Trust us, moonstone isn’t called the “lover’s stone” in vain!
  • Formal events – Moonstone earrings are perhaps the best pick for working women. To put together a decent office look can be a hustle, so why not rely upon mini moonstone earrings? On one hand, its healing powers would help you stay productive at work while complementing your work-from-home attire.
  • Celebrations – Big rainbow moonstone choker can add just the right amount of drama to your overall party look. No wonder why the fashionistas swear by this enchanting beauty for adding glam to every celebration.

Healing processes would be extremely dull if it weren’t for gorgeous moonstone jewelry. From mental well-being to regulating your digestive process – they heal you in every genre while making you look stunning. So, let moonstones guide your healing and keep your aesthetics in check!


Moonstones are spectacular healers. They are charming pieces of crystals that hold mystical powers. But ever wondered how to use their charm and healing powers all at once? Read this article and find out more about why the moonstone is both – prolific healing and fashion stone.

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