9 Unique Wax Melt Ideas That Make You Go Wow

Do you love to welcome your visits with a nice smell at home? Then, chances are that you have already tried some sort of scented wax melt burners, which are currently very popular thanks to their ability to spread your favorite fragrances around your place. Plus, you can enjoy this sensation without having to worry about the risk of having fire at home, when you choose one of the convenient electric models. Whether you use your wax melt burner to relax on the weekends while watching a good movie, or you do it regularly in your day to day activities, it is always good to have different alternatives that give a twist to the traditional use, adding a punch of fun or luxury that you can enjoy with your family. The following ideas can be an inspirational start so you can try new ways of melting your scents of choice.

1. Be natural, be yourself

Next time you are looking for an eco-friendly option, you can ask your provider if they have coconut or rapeseed wax melts. These tarts also incorporate natural botanicals that are visible on the surface, adding a delightful scent and an herbal look.

2. Say it with wax melts

This is a great idea to express your feelings of affection and admiration towards those important people in your life. It looks super cute and they will for sure love it.

3. A colorful adventure

If you like to add a spark of bright colors to a corner of your house, you can try using glass or transparent containers with different shades of wax melts that create a rainbow effect.

4. Have fun with shapes

A great idea for mothers of little ones is to get different shapes, scents and colors that can help your children to entertain and learn as they join you while melting wax.

5. Unique designs

This amazing mix of colors and beautiful models that look like delicious candy are a great idea, if you want to give a really special wax melt gift set to your mother or your best friend.

6. Baby blue

If you are looking for a cute, heavenly model, this is your go to. You can use it when your little boy is playing around and letting him help you melt the wax.

7. A wax melt to remember

If you have a close event such as a birthday party or your graduation, this can be the perfect present to thank the attendees for joining you in this special occasion.

8. Dare to shine

This is a great option to start experimenting with new ideas of wax melts, just adding a spar of glitter to your regular snaps or tarts will make them look more luxurious.

9. For the flowers lovers

Making a small change such as having a structured flower shape on your wax melts can create a cozier environment. You will want to choose a shape and color that fits your home decoration, but you can also try with contrasts and textures.

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