8 benefits of an extranet to the business

What is an Extranet?

In simple terms, its digital functionality facilitates businesses to collaborate, communicate and share information with third parties who sit outside of their internal network. We often consider an extranet part of a company’s intranet extended to allow users outside of their organization. Extranet means extra users and a highly secured network for the said users of the organization.

An extranet solution adds value to your corporation by helping you reach and collaborate more effectively with clients, customers, and partners. An extranet can give your business a competitive edge over the other promotions and save you money by eliminating traditional business functions and cutting overhead costs. For businesses, there are many other benefits of an extranet:

Increased productivity

An extranet monitors your business activities and take specific actions. Extranet makes sure that your company’s critical information is safe and secured. It also reduces the rate of error.

Timely and accurate information

On an extranet, you can make changes and update sensitive information, such as price lists or inventory information. Compared to your old school process, an extranet allows you to get recent information into the right hands before it becomes outdated.

Easy to set up

To set up an extranet, you do not need much assistance, such as IT, specialized hardware or technical solutions. You can easily download with the help of a few simple and clear instructions provided.

Enhanced security

An extranet is the safest and secure way to share data and documents. There are many options provided to share with an individual or group. Some parties may need more access than others to obtain the information.

Build customer loyalty

It is important to build a loyal customer base and increase your business. Extranets make business easier for you and your customers. The more you make timely, accurate information available to your customers, the more likely it is your business will improve. Extranet helps a business to reach new heights and gain a customer base along the way.

Productivity gains

In today’s market, it is important to have various tools to grow a business. The organizations will be benefited from extranet and intranet. Organizations can run on both an intranet and an extranet from one instance of the software. The company will be productive and gain with the help of such tools at its disposal.


If your business is slow and not making any progress, your business is going to be obsolete sooner rather than later. An extranet helps you get products to the market in no time and allows you to market your products by making proposals and specifications available to suppliers, and giving clients and partners up-to-date information on current projects.

Sharing improvements

With an extranet, a company can draw on the ideas and expertise of all collaborators. They gave external partners a platform to share best practices, comment on pressing topics, and provide valuable feedback. Without an extranet, you will share files with outside parties via email. Sharing files without extranet results in outdated document versions, large file attachments clogging up in-boxes and important information being lost or overlooked. It can also be time-consuming and irritating to find information buried deep in emails.


Extranet solutions can provide a company with an opportunity to get their data and other information in order and secure it. An extranet is required for small and large businesses for seamless transfer of data and safety of the data. It is best to adopt extranet solutions to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the company.

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