7 Benefits of Using Flutter Over Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is the need of the hour for any business. Various mobile development platforms help you build robust mobile applications. Flutter is one of the most in-demand apps in the present time, and it offers all elements that you’ll ever need to develop a website.

What Is Flutter?

Flutter is a free and open-source framework for building beautiful, natively compiled, multi-platform applications. It allows mobile development from a single codebase. Flutter Agency, known as the top Flutter app development company, offers smooth iOS & Android app development services.

Today in this article, we will help you know some excellent benefits of using Flutter.

What Data Says About Flutter!

The popular Flutter-based applications include Google Assistant, Tencent, Square, Alibaba, etc. According to Github data, the technology has received 109K stars.

This is not it; 7.2% of developers use Flutter libraries, frameworks, and tools worldwide, as of early 2020, reported Statista.

Top 7 Benefits of Flutter

There are lots of benefits of using Flutter app development. From providing the best customization options to 24*7 available tech communities to assist you, the platform has a lot to offer for your business.

Here we have listed below some notable benefits of Flutter mobile app development. Scroll down and read!

  1. Open Source

Flutter is an open-source code software development toolkit from Google. With the open-source features, developers perform their tasks efficiently.

  1. Single Codebase

The single codebase is a rare feature offered by very few development platforms. Flutter provides a single codebase that can be used on multiple platforms. The single codebase is a time-saving feature as it doesn’t require the programmer to write different codes.

  1. Dart As Programming Language

It uses features of other languages too. Dard offers a rich standard library, garbage collection, strong typing, generics, and async-awaits. Dart lets the developers complete their projects in less time as a reactive programming style. For clients with tight deadlines, Flutter is an ideal platform.

  1. Hot Reload and Development

Hot reload and development is a unique feature offered by Flutter. It allows the developer to see live changes in the code. With this, even a minute change or update in the code will instantly become visible to the developer and the designer. It will take no time to disseminate the updates among the various stakeholders, and the developers can keep working on other features with no interruptions. It enhances productivity and lessens the time to create a robust application.

  1. Native App Like Performance

It gives a native app-like performance. Flutter Agency, known as the top flutter app development company, offers smooth iOS& Android app development services that will help your business grow tremendously; you can use their help to build native app-like performance.

  1. Tech Community

The community helps newcomers learn and the expert developers to improve their skill set. There are various videos available on the tech community which give helpful information about the toolkit. Any individual with adequate knowledge of mobile development can develop their programs with tech community support.

  1. Use of Custom Widgets

Flutter boasts a plethora of widgets with great customization options. This ideal platform lets you develop a design of your choice with an engaging user interface.


With Flutter mobile app development benefits, you can take your business to new heights. Flutter Agency is known for developing general hospital apps for better patient management.  They are specialized in Android & iOS app services that will help business grow tremendously.

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