6 Marketing Specialists Entrepreneurs Should Hire for Their Business

If you’re a B2C company (business to consumer), you may need the help of certain marketing specialists to help grow your business. These specialists focus on a specific style of marketing to help create more awareness and drive sales. Here are six types of marketing companies to consider hiring for your business.

#1: Brand Marketing Services

Brand marketing aims to create a greater awareness of your business, by creating a “brand” for your target audience to identify with. A brand consists of the seen (company name, logo/mascot, tagline/motto, etc.) and the unseen (core values, mission, personality, etc.). This service may work closely with content marketing services to create both tangible and intangible (online elements) content to appeal to your market. An example of this would be your social media aesthetic, which includes the photos/videos posted to your profile(s), as well as the tone used to communicate with your followers.

#2: Content Marketing Services

Like the name suggests, content marketing is the creation of meaningful content (photos, videos, blog posts, etc.) to encourage potential customers to interact with your brand more— which is why it’s so closely related to brand marketing. Content marketing is also closely related to email marketing and social media marketing, because these are the two main places to share your content. Make sure to choose a content marketing service that has experience in both email marketing and social media marketing.

Email marketing is not similar to cold-calling, current and potential customers choose to sign up for your emails. As for social media marketing, some of the top social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

#3: Event Marketing Services

The aim of event marketing is to not only create brand awareness, but to also create a memorable experience for current and potential customers. It’s also a good opportunity for you to network with others in your industry. When you hire an event marketing service to help you interact with customers, there are two routes you could take: experiential marketing and interactive marketing.

An example of experiential marketing is a pop-up event. This promotes your products while creating an immersive experience for customers. Interactive marketing, on the other hand, is more interactive as the name suggests. During a face-to-face (or virtual) interaction customers can play games to win a free product.

#4: PR Marketing Services

PR (public relations) marketing is a marketing strategy that aims to create more buzz about your business. This is helpful when you’re trying to launch a new product, or if you’re expanding your business. PR marketing services will help you by partnering with a news source (online magazines/newspapers, TV news networks, etc.) to help get the word out. Like brand marketing, this is also a good way to promote brand awareness.

PR marketing may not always be necessary for B2C companies, but it’s especially helpful for B2B (business to business) companies. This is because B2B companies make buying decisions based on their knowledge of your business’s position in the competitive market.

#5: Recruitment Marketing Services

Recruitment marketing services are similar to brand marketing services, as a specific identity is created for your business. However, instead of marketing this brand identity towards potential customers, it’s marketed towards job seekers. This is a much more effective form of screening job applicants than posting your open positions on a job search site like Indeed or Monster. Recruitment agencies like NAS Recruitment use employment branding to attract the best talent suited for your business.

#6: SEO Marketing Services

SEO (search engine optimization) marketing utilizes search engines like Google to help bring organic traffic to your website, or even paid traffic to your website in the form of PPC (pay per click) advertising. Before you hire an SEO service, make sure to have a business website, as this is where you want the traffic from your marketing efforts to end up. Even if you don’t sell products online, you can still benefit from having a website. Your business website should include:

  • Your company name and logo
  • Your physical address (especially if you don’t sell your products online)
  • A contact phone number and email address
  • Links to your social media profiles

You should also include a list of products you offer (with pictures) or services you provide. This way, visitors to your website will get all the information they need before visiting your physical location. However, all this information should be presented in a way to make them want to visit you in person.

Overall, you’ll need experts to help you market online, in-person, and also towards job-seekers. Many online/digital marketing companies specialize in different types of online marketing, so it may not be necessary to hire several different companies. However, you’ll want to invest in a recruitment marketing agency when you’re looking for the most qualified employees to hire.

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