5 Ways Android Apps are Better than iOS Apps

There are many people who think that iOS apps are better than Android apps. iOS apps are known for being well-designed and easy to use. Additionally, there are more iOS apps available than Android apps. However, Android apps are becoming more and more impressive, and many argue that Android apps are better than iOS apps in their own ways. So in what ways are Android apps superior to iOS apps?

1. Android apps are more customizable.

You can customize the look and feel of your Android phone by using different launchers, themes, and widgets. Android app developers also have more freedom to create innovative and unique apps. iOS apps, on the other hand, are more limited in their customization options. This is because Apple wants to create a consistent user experience for all of its users. Unfortunately, this can put some people off from using iOS apps.

2. Android apps are more affordable.

Android phones are typically cheaper than iPhones, and the same is true for Android apps. While there are a few expensive Android apps, most Android apps are free or cost much less than their iOS counterparts. This makes Android a more affordable option for people who want to get a high-quality smartphone without spending a lot of money. Some apps that are available on both iOS and Android are sometimes cheaper on Android.

3. Android apps are more open-source.

Apple has a reputation for being a closed-off company that is not very open to change. Although iOS apps can also be open-source, Android is known for being more open-sourced as an operating system that allows developers more freedom to create whatever they want. The result?  A more diverse selection of Android apps that cater to a wider range of needs.

4. Android apps are more reliable.

Android phones are known for their stability and reliability. iOS phones, on the other hand, can be quite unstable and crash often. Android phones sometimes also have more storage space than most iOS phones, which means you’re less likely to run out of space on your phone. Although Android phones are sometimes criticized for not having good camera quality, this is becoming less and less of an issue as camera technology improves.

5. Android apps are more open to new technologies.

Apple is known for being a company that is slow to adopt new technologies. Android is known for being more open to new technologies and trends. This means that you’re more likely to find cutting-edge features in Android apps than in iOS apps. Additionally, there are more Android devices that support virtual reality (VR) than iOS devices. If you’re interested in using VR apps or games, it’s a good idea to choose an Android phone over an iPhone.

While there are many reasons why Android apps are better than iOS apps, these are some of the most important ones. So if you’re thinking of buying a new smartphone, it’s worth considering an Android phone rather than an iPhone.

Zara Raza is the Head of Marketing at Sunvera Software. She has written several technology blogs covering anywhere from software to emerging tech trends.

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