5 Vintage-Inspired Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings for the Classic Bride

For centuries, diamonds have been a symbol of both love and enduring commitment. From the moment they were first mined, diamonds have been treasured for their value and rarity. They are classified as precious stones because other gemstones, such as pearls or opals, can be found more efficiently and in much larger quantities.

Diamond lovers today continue to search for the perfect “D.” The word refers to the very best diamonds, from diamonds with excellent cut and clarity. Since you will probably be out of your comfort zone with a proposal ring, you’ll want to make sure that it has a lot of fire and sparkle, which means that you will want alab created diamondsengagement ring with some sparkles set into it. You want something to show off to your parents or siblings after they see how much your significant other loves you.

If you’re looking for something that escapes the ordinary, then it has to be a vintage-ring. These rings have a different aura and their beauty entices you. So when you adorn an exquisite vintage-inspired lab diamond ring on your wedding or engagement, there’s no doubt that you will look breathtakingly beautiful.

To help ease the task for you, we have mentioned some vintage-inspired lab-grown diamond engagement rings. Feel free to take inspiration from them and create your own gorgeous version that’s true to it sweaty and will always remind of the love you and your partner have for one another.

1. Cathedral Crown Diamond Ring

Cathedral crown diamond rings can be found in many different styles, from modern to vintage. This type of ring is often made to match a particular engagement ring, or it can be used as a standalone ring with its unique style. It has a more vintage feel than other styles of diamond rings.

2. Victorian Oval Diamond Ring

This style of diamond ring is a modern version of the Victorian style, an oval cut that was popular when Queen Victoria was in her prime. The band wraps around the center oval, with two larger ovals on either side. It’s a great way to show off the shape of a diamond without using too much metal.

3. Floral Halo Diamond Ring

This vintage-inspired engagement ring represents the bride’s love for flowers or nature in a very literal way. The halo and the band are made of delicate diamonds lined by smaller diamonds. This is a unique style, as most floral engagement rings are yellow gold with pearls and roses.

4. Filigree Engagement Ring

Filigree engagement rings are great for vintage lovers who want a delicate look for their engagement rings. These rings often have a series of loops and swirls that make them appear more intricate than other styles of engagement rings.

5. Milgrain Ring

This type of diamond engagement ring is the most traditional of all the vintage-inspired engagement rings for the bride. These rings usually have a large center diamond, with smaller diamonds lining the band. Milgrain engagement rings can be made in virtually any metal, even platinum.

These antique-style lab-grown diamond engagement rings are indeed appropriate for people who love the style of the golden era where people adorned extraordinarily amazing designs and settings of jewelry.

The vintage setting also looks more attractive than choosing from the modern styles of diamond rings. It reminds you of the bygone era and the elegance of the vintage designs add up to the beauty of your attire. You can purchase vintage engagement rings from New World Diamondsas they offer the best quality and 100% authentic lab grown diamonds.

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