5 Practical Promotional Marketing Items to Expand Your Brand

Promotional marketing campaigns are a surefire way to expand your brand’s visibility and to make loyal customers. However, if you’ve never put together a promotional marketing campaign, you’ll have a hard time understanding where you should start. To get you on the right path, here are five of the best practical promotional marketing items you can use to expand your brand in 2022:

1. Lighter

Even if you’re not a smoker, the number of tasks you do week to week that becomes much easier if you have a lighter are hard to overstate. Some people simply enjoy the comfort of knowing they have a lighter in case they end up needing one. Even though people tend to desire lighters, they rarely have them on hand unless they’re a smoker. Give your audience the gift of light and fire by handing out promotional lighters emblazoned with your company’s brand, and you’ll get their fires going. By buying branded lighters in bulk, you can greatly expand your company’s ability to charm audiences with the gift of a free lighter at future events, trade shows, and more. Giving out free lighters is bound to be a surefire hit, after all.

2. Pens

Few tools are as practical in both your personal and professional life as a pen. Pens allow you to easily jot down ideas and keep appointments, even if your trusty cell phone is suddenly out of battery. If you’re more inspired to follow up on ideas if you have something tangible to remind you of them, you’ll need a quality pen to help you document your next big hit. Office environments that lack ample pens can feel like a disaster zone, so if you invest in a bulk of promotional pens to give out to customers, you can also stock your brand’s office with more pens than you’ll ever need. Knowing that you’ll never come up short when it’s time to sign a sale document or write down the company’s next big marketing idea, will help your brand stay hyper-successful.

3. Sunglasses

No matter what time of year it might be, a solid pair of sunglasses can prove invaluable. Because sunglasses have become cheaper and cheaper to manufacture, you can now invest in a bulk of quality, actually-sun-shading sunglasses for a small amount. If you’re looking for a promo item that will appeal to every audience (both business and casual), you need promotional sunglasses. It’s easy to add your brand to the earpieces of promo sunglasses, making the option that much more attractive. If you impress your audience with their free sunglasses, they’ll start connecting their eyes’ protection during sunny days with your company’s generosity (which will greatly increase their chances of seeking your products and services shortly).

4. Notepads

Speaking of pens, it’s equally important that you have something to write on, when inspiration suddenly hits you. Unless you want to write your notes all over already important documents, or your own hands, you need a trusty notepad nearby to help you document your soon-to-be hyper-successful business ideas. If you go with notepads that are emblazoned with your brand (as you should be), you can begin associating your brand with your customers’ next big, world-changing ideas. People often keep their old notepads as keepsakes, or even as diaries, so having your brand on this important piece of their life’s history will help to make them loyal, returning customers.

5. Bottle Opener

Whether you’re at an office party, or an off-the-clock get-together, having a bottle opener on hand can make you the life of the party. And no one wants to wait until Labor Day to invest in a bottle opener. After all, no one likes the experience of having a quality beer in hand but having nothing to open it with. Spare a nearby table or chair the indignity of becoming an impromptu bottle opener by gifting your employees and loyal customers with a high-quality, branded bottle opener. Similar to other items that we’ve discussed, you can get a huge among of bottle openers for cheap if you choose to buy your promotional items via a bulk order.

Quality is Key

No matter what type of promotional item you end up deciding upon, you want to ensure the items you order are high quality. Nothing will turn off the customers (or employees) you’re gifting the items to quicker than cheapness. By investing in the quality of your promotional items, you’re also investing in building a greater sense of brand loyalty between your customers and your products/services.

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